Who was Pulisic’s inspiration growing up 🤔 #Shorts

How Important Is Your Football Kit?

So how important is your football kit to your team’s success? Well, in short a good football kit is vitally important to your team’s success. The main areas to bear in mind for soccer teamwear are looks, performance and durability. Let’s look at these three areas.

Soccer Nets And Fundamentals

So where do you start when you are buying one? First you need to know where your soccer nets are going to be placed, and how it will be used.

The Transfer Merry Go Round Cont’d 3

A continuing account of my views about the transfer merry go round and football in general.

The Transfer Merry Go Round Cont’d 2

There is a fair bit going on in the football world today regarding the transfer merry go round. Liverpool in the news as is Arsenal and Manchester United, Lets see what’s happening shall we?

Gunners Lose their Ammo

This article reflects upon the reasons behind soccer superstar Thierry Henry’s move from Arsenal to Barcelona. It reminds us of how fast things can changes whereby only one year ago, Henry rejected the overtunes from Barcelona to put pen to paper a new four-year contract with Arsenal.

UEFA is Wrong About Football Matches on Armenia, Azerbaijan

UEFA gives the party of war and the party of peace both zero points but canceling the soccer games of Azerbaijan and Armenia and giving both zero points.

Confusion With Some Soccer Rules – Laws

There is often, particularly for parents of youth soccer players, confusion about the rules concerning handball, off-side and goalkeeper possession violation. This article describes what the rules say and how to expect the referee to interpret them.

UEFA Champions League Finbal 2006-2007 Review

The most prestigious and lucrative football competition in Europe is the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax, FC Porto, Bo Russia Dortmund and a host of others having a taste of the soccer experience. The 2006/2007 edition of the championship with AC Milan in a battle for supremacy with Liverpool, AC Milan lost to Liverpool in 2004/2005 edition in what is referred to as a fight to finish comeback. AC Milan leading by three goals to nothing were shocked by Liverpool equalizer in the second held which take both sides to a penalty shoot out with the polish international Jerzy Dudek winning the day by saving three of AC Milan’s penalty.

Dribbling Skill Drills and Your Practice Plan

Dribbling and ball handling are important skills for any soccer player. Therefore, they should be an important part of any practice plan.

Drills for Soccer – Throw In’s and How to Teach Them

Soccer Throw Ins are discussed and explained in detail. It is not about practice as much as it is knowing what to do when you take one.

English Football Losing Element of Surprise

Will English football become boring to watch? For the last few years the English Premiership is dominated by 4 club, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. These teams always sit on the top 4 of the table and play in the Champions League from time to time. The other 16 teams can only compete for 5th place without ever dreaming to step up to the top 4.

The Inventors of Modern Soccer – English Soccer History

Let’s get started with knowing the facts and the fiction regarding the English soccer history, which also happens to be the longest and one of the most fascinating such histories in the World.

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