When a defender takes a free-kick 😂 #Shorts

When Should A Player Shoot And When Should They Pass The Ball?

Ever heard a voice in the crowd at a soccer game like “He should have had a shot” or conversely “He should have passed the ball”. When is the right time to shoot and when is the right time to pass?

2 Secrets About Dribbling a Soccer Ball

Brazilians often relate their soccer to music, and have great rhythm when running and dribbling with the ball. The way to achieve this rhythm is to keep your upper body relaxed. This allows you to be flexible and helps you have much better upper body movements for deceiving the opposition.

England’s First Ever Overhead Scissors Kick

I stood on the very spot where 45 years earlier I executed the first overhead scissors kick ever performed in England. The ball shot towards the corner by the pile of coats, surely the first goal in England from a scissors kick. It was not to be, the goalie flipped away the ¼ inch of sodden woodbine and I swear, had time to draw in another lungful of the sweet smoke, before gracefully tipping my shot around the pile of coats that served as the post.

Premiership Review For Games Played Between 12-1-07 and 12-3-07

Arsenal were looking to consolidate their lead at the top, Manchester United were looking to bounce back from last week’s shock loss at Bolton, refereeing controversies, managerial debuts. Just another week in the premiership

Manchester United Vs Fulham 12-03-07

Manchester United are looking to bounce back from a shock defeat at Bolton against Fulham. Find out how they got on.

Metatarsal Fracture And Football

One of the most common injuries in the history of sports is the metatarsal fracture. This kind of injury has been very arresting in the history of sports in the past 5 years. Several high- profiled athletes suffered from the same injury- David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole, and Steve Gerrard. The anatomy of the foot will however help us understand this injury better and deeper.

Fiorentina vs Inter 12-02-07

Defending champions and heavy favourites visited Fiorentina in an emotionally charged game with Fiorentina manager back on the bench for the 1st time since the loss of his wife on Monday. For Fiorentina Sebastian Frey was their best player by a long way and it was an emotional day for everyone concerned with Fiorentina especially Cesare Prandelli whose wife passed away on Monday and the fans game him a standing ovation and a 1 minute silence was observed in her honour.

Defending the Soccer Goal – Article 2, Rev 1

Good defenders often go unnoticed. Defense is probably the most strategic job on the field. Usually soccer training is conducted by centering the training practices on attacking. It is vital that equal time is spent on defensive tactics, application and practice. It should be emphasized that neutralizing an attacking opponent from getting into a scoring position can be considered the best defense of all.

Chelsea vs West Ham 02-12-07

Chelsea were looking to take advantage of the fact that they played earlier than their rivals so they could heap pressure on them with a win against London rivals West Ham. This win temporarily puts Chelsea in 2nd place in the league and another win at home them.

Aston Villa vs Arsenal 01-12-07

League leaders Arsenal travelled to Aston Villa hoping to get over the disappointment of losing for the 1st time this season at Sevilla but Villa are on a good run after thumping Blackburn 4-0 on Wednesday. Good win for Arsenal nonetheless as they extend their lead at the top to 5 points with games in hand.

Come Rain Or Drizzle

As crazy as Americans are about sports, nothing stacks up to the British obsession with football. Of course, I’m referring to real football, aka soccer, not the lite version practiced in North America. Being an expat myself, I was born with the football gene tightly stitched in my genetic makeup. Call demented if you will, but for me football is as natural as breathing and organic granola.

England’s Pampered Soccer Players Fail Again

England fail to qualify for the Euro 2008 football tournament, with a tepid display against a technically superior Croatian team. The premiership players were defended by a number of ex players who cited the head coach, the tactics, the pitch and injuries to key players as excuses.

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