Keepy Uppys

What is keepy uppys? what is it good for? Keep reading and I’ll explain it for you!

Popular Football Freestyle Tricks – Part 1

Want to get into football freestyle? Start here by learning some of the most popular tricks.

The Catcher in the Guy

The wife has got to make a deal out of everything. When giving birth, most women are in and out in a few hours with minimal whining, but the wife had to have ‘complications’. I can’t remember the exact excuse she gave for her extended three-day stay, I think it was something like a rupture, a breach, or the bed had collapsed.

Tips for Mental Soccer Training

By learning to manage stress, anxiety and other psychological aspects of the game, you can excel faster than your peers who just focus on the mechanics of soccer. Here are a few soccer training tips to help you do just that.

Soccer or Futball – Why Does the US Lag in World Competition?

Perhaps you played soccer when you were younger? In other nations they call it Futball, not soccer like in the United States. Maybe, because of your youth soccer sports you might follow Professional Soccer. I follow Futball a little bit, since I played for 7-years as a kid. Indeed, recently I read a story that made me laugh. I laughed when the World League made a ruling not to play at high-altitudes such as Bolivia, I use to run against folks who lived and trained at 5,000 to 8,000 feet and when they came down to sea level, they were unbelievable in the endurance category. Futball is a GREAT sport, winning is the best part about it.

The Wonderful Art of Football Freestyle!

Football freestyle is a growing sport that more and more people are getting into. Freestyle is basically about doing unbelievable tricks with the football. Most footballs players of today is practicing the easier moves to complement their skills on the pitch.

Football Shirts Remain a Massive Talking Point

Football shirts continue to be a massive talking point amongst fans and since clubs make so much money out of their replica kits, it’s about time fans had their say.

Soccer Championship in Casco Antiguo

Living in Casco Antiguo, I am privy to a lot of things people in the “modern quarter” are not. Things like beer parties at noon on Tuesday, frenzied domino matches that last long into the night, and soccer games that long withstand their ghetto veneer.

Liverpool’s Approaching

Liverpool is an another big team in English Premier League which have never been champion, since Division 1 had changed to Premier League. Even though they got a lot of winning in division 1 but fans also hope to see them to be a champion on the name “Premier League” which Manchester United had done about 10 times.

Worst Ever Start To A Premiership Season For Manchester United

Manchester United have made their worst ever start to a Premiership season so far, which sees them sit one place above the relegation zone. United have just 2 points from 3 games, having drawn their first 2 matches and then losing against local rivals City.

Fan Base – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The various leagues in the world have become a source of revenue generation for countries that knows how to manage the organization of such leagues. The fact that billions of dollars can be generated from this leagues has also brought in the use of television and satellite means of broadcasting to different part of the world.

Soccer Training Plans for Coaches Without Time

It’s no secret that coaching a youth soccer team takes time and effort. It takes considerable effort to put together a practice schedule, as well as a plan for game day.

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