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Cheap Football Shirts Needed Please

Football shirts should be selling for a hell of a lot cheaper than they currently are and I for one want to do something about it. Cheap football shirts should be everywhere.

A Profile of Deco

Deco is considered one of the heavyweights of FC Barcelona and one of a small number of players who has won the Champions League with two different clubs. In fact when he won the UEFA Best Midfielder award for his performance in the 2005-6 Champions League he was the first player to have won the award twice, having won it first with Porto.

Introduction to Mexico Soccer

In Mexico, soccer started developing in different regions of the country, with the first form of an organized championship being the Primera Fuerza, which was a local league consisting of various teams around the Federal District area. Players were semi-professional during this time, in a time where Europe had already promoted soccer professionalism.

Football Shirts

The world of football shirts seems to have gone a little mad in recent times since the whole scam to do with supermarkets and cheap prices, but make no mistake about it, it’s still massive business. Football is a business these days, we all know that and the shirts have a massive impact on profits for clubs, so getting things just right in terms of design and sales must rank highly in terms of importance.

3 Reasons Behind 4-4-2 Formation Or System

What is a 4-4-2 Formation? Never knew why a 4-4-2 is used frequently in matches? Never fear now, read the article to dispel the notions or queries to understand more.

In it Together

It was one of those moments. The British would say Ah Bless. In South Africa that translates to Ag Shame.

Meet Antonio Saviano – Scuola Calcio North America Cooridnator

You could easily mistake Antonio Saviano for a model instead of a soccer coach. With devilishly good looks and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Antonio could more likely be every Italian mother’s number one son.

Story of a Legend – Diego Maradona

In the 1970s, Pele had already established himself as a huge name in soccer and was already being considered the greatest player to have ever lived. No one even came close to his glory, until a short, stuffed Argentinean player called Maradona walked on the soccer field for the first time.

Gothia Cup 2007

What happened at Gothia cup 2007, one of the biggest youth tournaments in the world. This article is mainly about Heden center, the place to go when you don’t play your games.

5 Reasons Behind the Deployment of a 4-5-1 System or Formation in A Soccer or Football Game

Unsure of how or what is a 4-5-1 soccer or football system or formation? Or dreaming watching a match and does not know what the commentators are referring to 4-5-1? Never fear now, here are 5 reasons behind the employment of such a system.

Ascoli Soccer Academy Cup – Italy, 2007

“Most of the teams were from different Italian Regions. These are teams formed after an extensive try-out process through out the year, then the players are placed on a team and attend the tournament where there are professional soccer scouts that look at them to see who makes the final cut. It is like a funnel process”, said Antonio Saviano, Scuola Calcio Technical Director.

Soccer Team Tour to Italy – A “Player Experience”

When the members of the ’94 Wilmington N.C Cape Fear Beakers Boys Soccer Club departed for Perugia, Italy, they did not know what to expect. They did know, however, that they would be training and participating in an international tournament that included players from several European countries as well as the United States and Canada. Their coach, Antonio Saviano, tried to get them to understand that many of their opponents would be bigger, stronger, faster and better skilled than the players they were used to facing. There would also be the issue of playing on a larger field with Eleven players a side, instead of the usual eight vs. eight they were used to.

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