Jose Mourinho Is Destroying Chelsea But He Just Doesn’t Know It

Jose Mourinho is considered to be the best manager in the world currently due to the success he has had with FC Porto and current twice English Premiership champions, Chelsea. With Chelsea chasing Man United for first place and the type of form they have had this season, it seems Mourinho’s luck may be running out or did Mourinho have a hand in this emerging dilemma?

Manchester United Vs Arsenal: Emirates Stadium

Game Preview Sunday 21st Jan 2007: This promises to be a classic clash between two clubs that have been rivals for decades. This match has always been filled with controversies, misjudged penalties and well… bad blood. You’re guaranteed to be at the edge of your seat during the whole game.

Basic Rules Of Soccer

Looking to get started in soccer? Understand the basic rules of soccer and be prepared when you make the next step to start.

Making The Perfect Eleven – How I Would Build A Perfect Team

They say that being a football manager is a difficult job. Pah, what do ‘they’ know? Having watched football for years and years I’m pretty sure I could put together a winning squad purely based on the ingredients for success I have observed from the stands.

Are Chelsea’s New Signings Just A Burden On Abromavich’s Pocket

Have you noticed of late how Abromavich doesn’t seem as happy as he seemed before when Chelsea were winning every game? There have even been disturbing rumors that this is Mourinho’s last season at Stamford Bridge.

Can Arsenal Lift The Carling Cup

On two occasions Arsene Wenger has proven that even though Rafael Benitez has won the champions league and even managed to beat West Ham for the FA Cup, he is no match for the class that Arsenal fielded at Anfield.

Manchester United: The Empire Strikes Back

This season Sir Alex Ferguson has shown the Glazer’s (the owners of the club) that he is more than capable of beating Abromavich’s army. Since the beginning of the season he has taken the lead of the English premier league and held on to that position. He is indeed the man who deserved the most to have been offered the manager’s position for the England national team and he has clearly shown that experience (not money) counts in the beautiful game.

Does Soccer Superleague Hold The Key To One Europe?

The decision of what ownership structure to emulate remains undetermined. The real challenge, at this point, is securing the support of the regional community. It is clear that the combined prowess of European cultures, not the individual national interests, will ultimately ensure the success of supranational football. Owners cannot and will not force an unnatural medium of sports entertainment to their consumers. Most business leaders in the European Union have recognized that integration comes at a cost – a lesson that football club owners are about to discover.

Oman’s Chances At The Soccer Gulf Cup – Abu Dhabi

The much awaited soccer Gulf Cup in Abu Dhabi, UAE will commence on the 17th of January, 2007. The opening match will feature the biggest rivals in the region, the Sultanate of Oman and the host country, the United Arab Emirates. Let us have a closer look at group A and analyze Oman’s chances of success.

Heifery Thing Must Go

Deep down, I’m just an old romantic. I always hold the wife’s hand when we go out together; it restricts her swing. It’s somewhat clichéd to speak of the ‘romance of the cup’, but even I’m going weak at the knees at the prospect of Chelsea v Macclesfield.

Manchester United Fans So Envious Over Steven Gerrard MBE

Steven Gerrard MBE: As one of the most influential players in Europe, and an ambassador of the game, the Liverpool captain deserves his award in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list.

Milan Macala, a CEO Wannabe?

I will start with a brief history about Mr. Milan Macala’s impact on football in our region since 1996 to present. Macala, took Kuwait to victory in the Gulf Cup twice (1996, 1998). He then briefly coached the United Arab Emirates in 1997 before being hired by the Saudi federation. The Czech veteran however was sacked by Saudi’s football association in October 2000 following its defeat to Japan in the Asian Nations Cup. Macala was then hired by the Omani football association to act as the national side’s coach so lets follow the journey of the veteran while analyzing his advantages and pitfalls.

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