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Manchester United’s Wonder Kid – Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was born in Liverpool on 24th of October 1985. Wayne, at only 19, is the most expensive teenagers in world football. With the price tag of 27million pound Wayne Rooney is dubbed as the future hope of English football. The skillful striker fulfills his dream to play at Old Trafford on 31st of August 2004, minutes before the transfer window ends.

Freestyle Football is Trendy Nowadays, But How and Where It Evolved?

Kids nowadays enjoy playing football with fancier tricks and control known as freestyle soccer but where did it originally come from?

Freestyle Soccer – Is Performing Soccer Tricks Worthwhile in a Football Match?

Freestyle soccer players are great to watch and learn … but are they practical in a football match? Can performing soccer tricks be useful in a soccer match? Find out why freestyle football may or may not be useful in a football match.

Personal Life of Football Stars

We all know how they play, where they play and what they can do on the field. But off the field?? Well, here are some interesting facts about the personal life of some famous footballers.

There Are No Friendly Football Matches Between Brazil and Argentina

There is no such thing as a friendly football match between the old rivals of Brazil and Argentina, and when they met in England for the very first time, supposedly in a friendly game, nothing was different. Before a packed stadium of football fanatics, it was Brazil who prevailed…

Used RV – What Are the Real Cost Savings?

Nearly every RV buyer understands that buying a used RV can represent savings right off the bat due to the depreciation factor. It doesn’t matter what type of used RV you are discussing-every tent trailer to diesel pusher loses value as soon as it leaves the lot with the buyer for the first time. But there are some buyers that don’t value the savings as much as they value owning a brand-new RV. Are the advantages of buying a used RV really worth it for you?

A Klaas Act – The New Dutch van Nistlerooy

The Dutch have a new star in their ranks and he is a true talent. He is called Klaas Jan Huntelaar and he plays for Ajax. Huntelaar seems to have the world at his feet after he finished the 2005/06 on a high, helping Ajax qualify for next seasons Champions League and winning the Dutch Cup. A lot is expected of the 22-year-old this season. So who is this player which the Dutch rate so highly?

Association Football — Our Least Favorite Sport

Association Football (soccer) is not among our favorite sports. But if you come to Turkey you’ll find that we’re in a distinct minority — especially in a World Cup Football year. Because all of the male population (and an unusually large portion of the female population) is wildly enthusiastic about the game…

The Premiership 2006/2007 After Three Rounds Of Competition – The Fortunes Of The Top Four

Another exciting Premiership season is under way. Three rounds have already gone by, and the transfer deadline is nearing. A lot of teams have strengthened yet some have not made a very good start.

Premiership Season Preview 2006/07 – Arsenal

Arsenal were within a whisker of becoming the second English side in succession to win the Champions League but came unstuck in the final against eventual winners Barcelona.

Premiership Season Preview 2006/07 – Aston Villa

The events surrounding Aston Villa have given the press plenty to write about this summer – with manager changes, possible take over bids and player mutiny all part of the fun and games at Villa Park.

Premiership Season Preview 2006/07 – Chelsea

A season of Premiership dominance was the order of the day last season, with Chelsea winning the league by eight clear points.

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