Blowing the Whistle on EPL Referees

In today’s EPL the referees are often criticized for not doing more or doing too much. It is a difficult job, but it is also a high level, high visibility job and these Premier League referees are supposed to be the best at their job. Is enough being done to limit their authority?

Soccer Scarves: Who Wears Them?

This is just a basic article about why soccer fans wear soccer scarves. Fans wear the mostly at games but can also be seen wearing them in other places.

Soccer Flags: What Is Their Purpose?

This is just an article about Soccer Flags, and what fans use them for. There are different types of soccer flags, with different purposes for each.

England Beat San Marino 8-0 in World Cup Qualifier

England secured their biggest victory in over twenty five years when they beat San Marino 8-0 in what can only be described as a mismatch of epic proportions. England dominated over 80% of the possession, recording 27 attempts on target and 15 corners, the one sided encounter could well have seen England take the score into double figures.

The Other Champions League

Did you know that the UEFA Champions League isn’t the only Champions League out there? No? Don’t worry most people don’t.

Managers’ Policies: The Winning Formula

Winning is the ultimate goal in football and a team that can manage to let the whole team enjoy the game as they achieve this can say they have come to know the deeper meaning of playing the game of football. A manager’s policy can mean the difference between that team being able to achieving this goal and struggling to survive. The teams below are examples of manager policy and what implications it has on the team as a whole.

Manager Review Honours Sir Alex Ferguson

27 years in charge of a great team of our time in England and is arguably a force to reckon with in the English Premier League today. His work has seen Manchester achieve a certain level of consistency that most club managers would only dream of having.

Teaching Soccer Parents How To Cheer Positively From The Sidelines

This article is the introduction from the Soccer Guide For Parents on how to encourage players on the field. The guide focuses on positive communication while teaching parents what to see in the game, not just the rules.

Ferguson Fails to Deliver, Mourinho Progresses, Cakir With a Great Assist

After the first leg, one could put money down and conclude that the game was over with a draw in the first leg leaving Real Madrid at a disadvantage as Manchester United left Spain with an away goal. The beginning of the second leg at old Trafford made matters worse for Madrid with Ramos gracing the occasion with an emphatic own goal. The stadium was lit up and surely Man United were to take it home.

Training the Novice Goalkeeper – Article 7

Goalkeepers need concurrent training with “field” players.They are frequently neglected.There are many basic skills to be learned besides catching the ball. A technique is discussed. If implemented, will give them proper and sufficient training at soccer practices.

The Media Versus the Premier League Manager

The Premier League has seen a large number of managers losing their heads and giving the media a long rant. These are some of my views on the media’s role in manager sackings.

Learning How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Kicking a soccer ball far and high is a tough skill to master. However, once you know the technique behind it, and how to practice this skill, the learning process becomes much easier. This article talks about two vital points that can help a soccer player learn the art of kicking a soccer ball.

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