Side-On Volleys with Wayne Rooney ⚽️

Soccer Training Tips – Attention All Soccer Coaches Involved in Kids Soccer

The stakes are high when you coach Kids Soccer. Have you got the balls to coach at this level?

International Soccer Schools Teamwork Tips – Part II

Sometimes it happens. You end up playing on a team with less ability than you. Teams at our international soccer schools gel very well. Players travel halfway around the world to attend, so they all arrive prepared and focused on the same goal: to play soccer.

Soccer Psychology – The Difference Between Winning and Losing

In today’s game of soccer most would argue that the most important person in a team is the coach. But a new position has arisen from the depths of the grandstand and his importance has significantly increased. Can you guess who it is?

Why David Beckham Won’t Be Hanging on the Gallery Wall

L.S. Lowry (1887-1976) in 1953 produced as an entry in a painting competition run by the Football Association, a work called ‘Football Ground’. Later re-named ‘Going to the match’ this was sold in 1999 to the Professional Footballers’ Association for £1.9 million, and can presently be seen at the Lowry centre in Salford. It depicts crowds of people streaming towards the football ground (Bolton Wanderers’ now defunct stadium of Burnden Park), high spirits heading to grey high raked open stands. It is feels overcast and there is a strong breeze, a red banner snapping a salute over the ground , the football fans some bent stiff into the wind, hats rammed tight are not to be denied. In the background are the cramped red brick terraced homes of these football supporters, further in the distance are the smoke stacks and factory walls of the mills that grew the town. When Saturday comes, released from toil, the workers head for the match, come high wind or rain, the game and life is on.

How Often is the World Cup of Soccer Held?

The World Cup is soccer’s biggest stage – it is the championship of the most widely played sport in the all of the world. The talk, preparation and qualifying for each incarnation of the World Cup tournament seems to be going on all the time – but the final of soccer’s biggest tournament only take place during a one month period every four years.

Say it With a Soccer Jersey

If you are a big fan of any sport, especially soccer, you may want to show off you team spirit and support by wearing a soccer jersey. It is funny how one day you could be walking down the street, one that you travel many many times and no one ever pays you any attention. But, walk down that same street wearing the soccer jersey of a team on game day and watch how fast heads turn and people talk to you.

Use of Formwork in the Build Up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner with the first match kicking off in less than two years. During the event, all eyes will literally be on South Africa when the immense influx of football fans, tourists, world leaders and news reporters will paint a picture of South Africa’s capabilities to the rest of the world.

5 Ways to Become a Better Footballer (Soccer Player)

Football (or soccer as the ‘non-Brits’ refer to it as) is the most popular sport in the World. Millions of people play, at various levels, every single day. Most people play for fun, others professionally, however the aim of the game is almost always the same – WIN!

International Soccer Schools’ Teamwork Tips – Part I

Think soccer stardom is won on technical skills alone? Think again.

Keeping Youth Soccer Fun

Youth soccer is a great opportunity for your young child to interact with other children their age. They get to meet other children that have the same passion as they do, running around like wild things! The amount of social interaction that youth sports can provide for your child can not be duplicated anywhere else.

Cristiano Ronaldo – A Player Which Makes Difference in Final Results of Match

Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing for their game against fulham and for European champion league against Inter Milan who is considers stronger and favorite team this year. The Manchester united is one of clubs who make him better player but it’s all about football not about being part of club. Real Madrid the Spanish giants are seeking progress in Cristiano Ronaldo deal with his club and as he is announced world player of the year they are eager to have them on Bernabeu side.

One More Milestone For Raul in Real Madrid

The list of achievements of this great player should be acknowledged and remember for ages and his fans share unforgettable moments of his life. He was youngest player of senior club history being age of 17 years, he appeared in his first match for the Bernabeu side.

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