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Liverpool Football Club

The recent criticism of Rafael Benitez has been unfair to say the least. A manager with his CV in the last 8 years should be unquestioned. He has delivered trophies during times when it seemed a distant dream. Lets do a quick recap and comparisons to other managers.

European Cup final 1973-74

This was the beginning of the Bayern Munich era and it was the first final to be decided on a replay. Ajax the 3-time defending champions were expected to dominate but unfortunately their talisman, Johan Cruyff left to join Barcelona and other players left as well and they were duly knocked out in the second round.

England Expects

England compete in a friendly this evening that is genuinely pointless and meaningless. Is the problem with English football the large influx of foreign players or more truthfully, an inherit lack of technical ability in the native players and coaches?

European Cup Final 1974/75

The defending champions Bayern Munich made into the final to meet English champions, Leeds that had garnered a reputation of strong-arm tactics which made them both feared and admired in equal measure but also unpopular amongst non-Leeds fans. Despite dominating the game for long periods Leeds United had received no favours from the French referee and were beaten by two late goals. On top of that, their fans had blackened the name of the club and they would be punished by a 4-year ban from European football.

European Cup Final 1976-77

Liverpool were reaching their first ever European cup final, thereby being the second English team to qualify for the final itself. This game also marked the end of Kevin Keegan’s stay at Liverpool as it was well documented that he was headed for Hamburg SV of WEst Germany.

European Cup Final 1975-76

For the third consecutive final, Bayern were able to be 1 of the participants. Find out if they were able to emulate Real Madrid and Ajax in achieveing the 3peat.

European Cup Final 1959-60

It has been described as the best display by a European side in a final as Real Madrid absolutely destroyed Eintracht Frankfurt in a very one-sided final with an awesome display in front of a record appearance to watch a European final at Hampden Park to complete a record 5 consecutive wins. This final was significant for lots of reasons; firstly it is the first and only time that 2 players have scored hat-tricks in the same final.

European Cup Final 1967-68

Following the success of Celtic, Manchester United became the second British side and the 1st English side to qualify for the European Cup Final. You can find out if the side inspired by the brilliant George Best could get the better of a Benfica side inspired by the black peal, Eusebio

European Cup Final 1960-61

Real Madrid had won the final for the 5th time the previous season. Would they be able to win it for the 6th consecutive time? Find out.

European Cup Final 1961-62

Benfica having broken the monopoly of Real Madrid were the defending champions and in this year’s final, they locked horns with 5-time champions Real Madrid in another classic. A crowd of over 60,000 gathered in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium hoping to witness a memorable clash of the titans, and they were not to be disappointed.

European Cup Final 1970-71

Ajax were an up and coming team and were fast emerging as the most exciting team in Europe inspired masterfully by the fantastic talents of Johan Cruyff. The star of the Ajax side was still Johan Cruyff. Now 24 he was widely regarded as one of the top players in the world. Captain Velivor Vasovic was now playing in his third final and, despite having scored in the previous two occasions, was still looking for his first win.

European Cup Final 1968-69

AC Milan and Ajax reached their 1st European cup final and this was a very good game. Milan were meeting a young side that would dominate European football in years to come and 1 player in particular, Johann Cruyff was to become 1 of the greatest of all time.

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