Playin Soccer: Worst Goalkeeper Mistakes in Football

Awesome Tip: Worst Goalkeeper Mistakes in Football

Watch some of the worst goalkeeper mistakes in football. 2019-2020 and other seasons are included. Featuring David De Gea, Loris Karius, Neuer and more.

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I’m a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!

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  1. Reply

    Which one is the worst?

  2. Reply

    Swwet video

  3. Reply

    I'm still laughing at Lori's karius UCL 2018 final mistakes

  4. Reply

    2:02 Karius: I'm so proud of you

  5. Reply

    I could joke and laugh about many football-related things but not about goalie mistakes. As an ex-goalie in my junior years (30 years ago) I can tell you first-hand that we have some of the most avoided and undesired jobs in a roster. And when such an unfortunate mistake happens the hate and disappointment you get from your teammates (even if they don't tell it to you) is magnified by the 100s when compared to a striker that misses the scoring chance of his career. In all honesty, if you are not brain damaged or born to bully others you can NOT laugh at any of these goalie mistakes. You should only feel bad for them and be glad that they didn't happen to you as you wouldn't be capable of withstanding your teammates' heavy gaze and unspoken disappointment in you. It's just not funny….

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    2:48 was the saddest evening for The keeper Karius. He Faced two very unlucky goals and one completely outstanding goal. In a Champions league final against real Madrid. I Will never forget his sadness after the match. He went down crying and almost immidiately fired from the club. But he was still a quite good and young keeper. But his nerves was just not to that match.

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    are you idiot with this shit music

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    If is women goalkeeper now you people will start criticizing them.

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    ㅇㅇ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 믿거 광고인줄알고 안봤었는데 한번 보고나니까 댓글쓰면서도 옆에 창띄워놓고 보고있음

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    인터넷방송 수위중에 수위 젤높은거 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI는 예전부터 유명했고 갑자기 로즈ㅌIㅂI 어서오고 그냥 둘다 보면 존슨헤드뱅잉함ㅇㅇ

  11. 일단 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 무료인게 혜자줌마도 무릎꿇을정도임

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    ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 여캠들중에 내 이상형 bj고양이라고있는데 오늘 고백하러간다 응원해주라

  13. Reply

    유튜브 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI치니까 진짜 좋은거 개많노 BJ고양이때문에 불면증 걸렸네 야발ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    모르면 검색을해라 물어보지말고 유튜브나 네이버에 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 검색해보면 되잖아 빡머가리색기야

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    ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI가 뭐임 좀 같이알자 이럴땐 돕고 사는거라했다 ^^ㅣ발

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    ㄹㅇㅋㅋ 요새 누가 vpn써가면서 야한거찾냐 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI보면되는걸

  17. Reply

    와 무슨 야도ㅇ도아니고 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 여캠들은 왜 항상 탈의하는걸 좋아하는거지? 노출증 있나

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    낚시터 갔는데 낚시하는 아저씨들 한손에 낚싯대 잡고 한손에 휴대폰들면서 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 둘다보면서 흐에엨 거리고 있던데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  19. Reply

    개ㅈ같은 군대 중대장한테 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 알려주니까 3박4일 포상휴가 주더라 개씹꿀딱

  20. Reply

    야 너두 사과띠비 로즈띠비? 둘다봄? 야 나두^^

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    솔직히 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 이거 ㄹㅇ 개별론지 알았어 근데 아니야 진짜 나믿어봐 내 부랄한짝 건다

  22. Reply

    스님들도 사과TV랑 로즈TV 보고 타락해서 목탁 던지고 휴대폰 잡고 흐뭇하게 보고계시더라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ도랏맨

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    There seem to be a high proportion of serie A games on here

  24. Reply

    Karius is known as a joke while De Gea is a superstar life is just unfair

  25. Reply

    The amount of embarrassment:

  26. Reply


  27. Reply

    worst goalkeeper mistakes and karius isn't on the thumbnail!!!!!!!disliked!

  28. Reply

    Karius compilation btw

  29. Reply

    Everyone else: haha sooooo funny

    People who actually play goalkeeper in real life: Pain.

  30. Reply

    Title: worst goalkeeper mistake in football

    David de gea: ah sh*t here we go again

  31. Reply

    How the heck do you make an almost 8 minute video of goalkeeper fails and not include Rob Green's tragic fail against the USA in the 2010 World Cup? It was easily the funniest fail of them all because of how desperately he tried to scramble to stop it going in. This is a 2/10 video for not including it.

  32. Reply

    POV : you can here for karius

  33. Reply

    Lloris wasn't really a mistake. Because of how he was falling, if he had kept the ball in his hands, it would be in the goal.

  34. Reply

    2 from liverpool

  35. Reply

    Karius is a brainless fraud.

  36. Reply

    There are so many karius in this video

  37. Reply

    Error De Gea

  38. Reply

    It would be better if you mentioned the names of the goalkeepers and the teams

  39. Reply

    0:30 is the lamest thing i've ever seen lol

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    Man, put your music volume down little bit, its too loud, and we want hear that celebration and cheering more then this stupid music

  41. Reply

    If de gea didn't do that mistake this video wouldn't exist

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