Playin Soccer: WORK WORK WORK! Intense session pre-Osasuna 💪

Awesome Tip: WORK WORK WORK! Intense session pre-Osasuna 💪

Barça went through their final preparations ahead of the visit of Osasuna tomorrow. Check out what went down in this morning’s intense training session at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.


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    أتمنى تفوز اليوم برشلونة

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    Forca Barca!
    Encara creiem al Barça, la plantilla és bona, però en alguns llocs no hi ha prou amplada, es nota molt durant els partits que tothom està en un lloc i els jugadors tenen habilitat individual i Messi ha d’arrossegar el partit.
    We still believe in Barça, the squad is good, but in some places there is not enough width, it is very noticeable during matches that everyone is in one place, and the players lack individual skill, and Messi has to drag the game.
    Todavía creemos en el Barça, el equipo es bueno, pero en algunos lugares no hay suficiente ancho, es muy notable durante los partidos que todos están en un solo lugar, y los jugadores carecen de habilidad individual, y Messi tiene que arrastrar el juego.

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    Let's be honest we ain't gonna win the champions league with this kind of performances , plus real have won the league.
    Been a bad year for the fans how about we the fans get something fun to cheer us up
    Ter stegan in outfield ????

    Make it happen guys

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    Setein out back Pep Guardiola

  6. Reply

    Intense section lol Barcelona. Ain’t you becoming a joke ?

  7. Reply

    Yeah we saw that intensity in the match. Fraud

  8. Reply

    Please bartomeu get out

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    Don't rely on messi, rely on la masia..

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    Barcelona need Pep Guardiola or Eric han teg for next season else, we are not a threat in Europe…

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    Bartomeu out out

  12. Reply

    Bartomeu out out out out

  13. Reply

    Bartomeu out out out

  14. Reply

    Bartomeu out out out out

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    well, all of that hard work for nothing, we badly lost the title

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    دكلو خرا فشلتونه

  17. Reply

    Mínimo la champions

    • M H
    • February 17, 2021


  18. Reply

    Porque no hablan en español si son españoles no ingleses

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    Decepcion perdieron contra osasuna

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    Better luck next season. Hope board get neymar and laruto and sell players that keep getting injured after 1 match u know 2 French players osman and Samuel

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    No puede ser barca les gano la osasuna y ya perdieron la liga saquen a varios

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    I hope they fired the coach because ever game the coach says passes and we lost because of that last year we won la liga trophy because we had a better coach last year

  23. Reply

    Osasuna 2-1 barca

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    A que entrenan a como hacerle pases a Messi? a ver como Messi hace todo? si Jordi, Roberto, Suarez, Vidal, siguen así van a ver como el Napoli les unta la pelota en la cara!!

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    Setien Out Bartomeuo Out Xavi In

  27. Reply

    Wow , they do know how to run… WHY TF do I see so many players standing still during the games… Go play fking PES or FIFA… So lame, so lame

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    Oh ok

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    Barcelona will face Osasuna today.
    Next Match: Barcelona Vs Alaves

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    Barca is no more the team which I loved. Something is not right

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    Today match is gonna be great for Barcelona

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