Playin Soccer: Wish Us The Best Of Luck!

Awesome Tip: Wish Us The Best Of Luck!

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  1. Reply

    Notification squad check in! Who wants to see a day in the life of a d1 soccer player? Let me know!

  2. Reply

    Good luck laddy

  3. Reply

    The eyes during pause….

  4. Reply

    Good luck javi!!

  5. Reply

    Also, how many of you are interested in signing up for a Coach Javi camp? The process is almost done and I want to see who is interested. With that, the first location is Chicago! Who is in chicago and would sign up for a day in a December!?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  6. Reply

    Good luck

  7. Reply

    Good Luck

  8. Reply

    Best of luck mate

  9. Reply

    Best of luck mate

  10. Reply

    Good luck!

  11. Reply

    good luck

  12. Reply

    Those transitions though

  13. Reply


  14. Reply

    Yes. A day in the life of a d1 soccer player would be a great video

  15. Reply

    Best of luck

    • L ddd
    • February 23, 2021

    Gud luck

  16. Reply

    Good luck Javi! Love to Abi❤️

  17. Reply

    You just might be the next, "Special One." Love JM! D1 vid would be cool.

  18. Reply

    Good luck!

  19. Reply

    Good luck

  20. Reply

    Trip is so hot!

  21. Reply

    Good luck

  22. Reply

    Good luck but your girls and boys ain't compare to me I'm a rarely type of footballer that comes once in a life time

  23. Reply

    How can I get a 1v1 training session with you??

  24. Reply

    Bro love these vids

  25. Reply

    good luck javiiiiii

  26. Reply


  27. Day in a life of a d1 soccer player !

  28. 3:13 good luck

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