Playin Soccer: Win Or Go Home…Wish Us Luck!

Awesome Tip: Win Or Go Home…Wish Us Luck!

Date and Time Saturday December 23rd, 2017 7pm-10pm Location: Schaumburg Sports Center 1141 IL-19, Schaumburg, IL 60193 The rest of the details are …


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    Hey guys don't forget to sign up for the camp in Chicago! Details are in the description. See you there!

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    Im 16 i play D2 can i join the buldogs?

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    Hey coach Javi I'm new to your channel and I like your content so much and I love your GoPro day in the life as a soccer player videos and recommend you to keep doing them.

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    Keep up the good work with these videos it’s really opened my mind to what college football is like in USA it seems cool

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    Darn how could you possibly have a 20.3% body fat? You look very lean

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    Abigail is cute. Put me on Javi.

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    Good luck!

    • OM
    • February 28, 2021

    I would def watch a student athlete channel

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    I wanted to go so bad tomorrow to the id camp!!!! But I wasn’t able to register because I don’t live with my parents bc they’re in mexico and I don’t have a credit card! Could I go and register there tomorrow??

    • Luis
    • February 28, 2021

    Good Luck! The stitches weren't so bad and I love how much effort you put in for your transitions it makes the video so much fun to watch.

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    Coach got the farmers tan.

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    My man Petie is a ballerrrrrrr

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    Glad to see that your foot is healing. I hope y’all won the playoff game. Chicago needs to show the love with this first ever camp. Hopefully it’s a sellout with 50+ participants, but after that one make sure to remember California

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    Good luck coach..

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    I'm 22 and contemplating signing up play at the college level on my last year

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    wish i could've played soccer i at least have a view how it could've been. But not a wealthy person & never had anyone to guide me. But i could at least say i played for the San Antonio Scorpion Youth team my junior year. Academy was fun.

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    Ugh I want to know if you guys won or not!!!!

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    love your videos

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    I’m new to diss channel but I just wanted to say that I like what you are doing with this channel God bless you keep it up hola desde Puerto Rico

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    Good luck bro!!!!

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