Playin Soccer: Why We Lost In The SuperLiga Final – Podcast Ep. 1

Awesome Tip: Why We Lost In The SuperLiga Final – Podcast Ep. 1

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    Hey guys! I’ll be at the coaches’ convention in chicago this weekend with Coach Brad and Gashamy. What topics should we talk about on the podcast?

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    Nice first podcast! I personally loved the babbling at the end because it reminded me of that legend Coach Gashamy!

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    Day in the life

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    Coach, I think I see you

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    A podcast on how to coach and simplify the game to kids 8 and under . I volunteer coaching my son's team and it's so hard for kids to understand positions and their duties . At times I think just letting them play freely is the best solution

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    Great stuffs, Coach!  Can't wait to see you with Coach Brad and Gashamy!   Send us an update on Isak when you get a chance.  Would love to hear how he's doing.  Your podcast is going to do very well, Mate!  You have the right stuff to pull it off!

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    i just weant for fc barcelona trials

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    shoutout to coach Javi for being my motivator personally. Injured whilst playing u14 soccer (football) match and never been the same. Quit soccer and never thought of returning. I am returning to the beautiful game all thanks to watching coach Javi. Great motivator, coach, player, thank you !

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    Really great advice. It seems like we live in a culture where everything is someone else’s fault, but without acknowledgement of your own problems how will you ever improve. It’s really frustrating to see people use others mistakes to justify their own failures as that mentality I think really damages one’s ability to motivate oneself to strive to get better.

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    Defense wins championships! Same happened to my sons U14 team in our indoor finals. 10-0 during the season and playoffs and then lost by the same score 4-2 in the finals. On a side note the comments during the stream were hilarious.

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    Podcasts are about rambling on! Well done! That is similar to a speech I gave my U14's when we lost last year's final. Most importantly, if you can't have fun, win or lose, playing in a facility like that field house (with a BAR on site!!!), go home and play FIFA. I'd give a nut to have a facility and network like that where I live now.

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    Great perspective. I appreciate this. We need to show this often to younger kids learning to play.

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    Great podcast Javi, love the positivity!!

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    You should get boozer on to talk about the philosophy behind the anathema of great futbol players

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    You should try to interview both Brad and Gashamy on their careers be it coaching or playing highs and lows going pro etc etc

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    Coach Javi, I love your videos so much ever since coaching at that d1 school just wondering what happened with that?

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