Playin Soccer: Why Do We Try And Keep Possession?

Awesome Tip: Why Do We Try And Keep Possession?

Because of the last video, I figured I would ask the guys why they think it is a good idea to keep possession! Enjoy!

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    Also, how many of you are interested in signing up for a Coach Javi camp? The process is almost done and I want to see who is interested. With that, the first location is Chicago! Who is in chicago and would sign up for a day in a December!?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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    Good video. My club team was one of those teams that didn't have majority possession in almost every game we played, since it was at a high level. But we knew how to time our runs just right and we had a lot of talent in the midfield, which made all the difference. Keeping possession without trying to produce chances is entirely useless. Tactically it makes a huge impact because if you keep the ball without going anywhere, a good opponent team will:

    a) gain confidence because they can see you have no real sense of intent or urgency on the ball
    b) be able to maintain their defensive shape because you aren't breaking them down by creating space in the right areas

    I think some of the problem arises from a systemic source. I don't have any statistics or anything like that, this is just from what I've seen: a lot of youth development programs tell the young players to play simple, prioritize keeping the ball, not be overly risky, etc. Which is fine, but then you get more players who are hesitant to attack space, and instead play the ball back and waste a good opportunity.

    I personally think all of this is interconnected.

    EDIT: I just now saw that you have a recent video called "Possession Without The Intent To Score Is Pointless…" so I guess you pretty much covered this topic and this comment is redundant.

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    Coach i got some of my family back in colombia to watch your videos and they really love them!! i just wanted to ask that if you could, please make a video all in spanish because my family can’t speak or understand a lot of english. it would be very helpful and cool!! keep up with the great videos!! love you and your channel!❤️⚽️

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    Coach Javi and wonderful people of the comments I have a very important question copa mundiel or Magistas for my regular season cleats I can't choose lol I've wore both just want to feel the ball more when I'm dribbling juggling passing etc. and traction and great video m8

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    Oh yeah javi the fans don't miss a trick

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    No hair gel Javi is cool too

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    Coffee Shop sessions are informative.  Question:  What formation do you all play and why?  Do you base it on your players, or do you recruit players to fit your formation?  You guys are always doing something fun…Keep up the GREAT work!!

    • Luis
    • February 20, 2021

    Awesome video mate loving the coffee shop sessions.

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    Thanks coach

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    When shooting did anyone see him throw the ball in???????

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    You play FIFA ?

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    Do you follow any liga mx teams ?

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    Your hair looks better without gel coach

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    Buenos Dias Coach Javi

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    Keep up the amazing videos coach Javi !!!

    • Esvin
    • February 20, 2021

    awesome channel mate! arriva el fut

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    What formation does your team play.

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    Gracias coach javi xD

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    I just want to say hi…..hi

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for not uploading as often. We are getting into conference play and it is getting hectic. Any questions for the next coffee shop session??

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