Playin Soccer: Why Did I Retire And Become A Coach? – Q&A – 20K Subscriber Special!

Awesome Tip: Why Did I Retire And Become A Coach? – Q&A – 20K Subscriber Special!

Hope you enjoy the video. I tried to answer as many questions as I could!

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    NOTIFICATION SQUAD GET IN THERE!! Thank you all for 20k! Now let's get to 30k! Ask any questions down below and we will do another Q&A with Stina!

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    Thanks for answering my question. Genuinely helped a lot, cheers. #COYG

    • Jefe
    • February 4, 2021

    Did u ever have to work in high school, if so did that interfere with your progression in soccer and what did you do to make up for it

  3. Reply

    Hey man been here since like 10k congrats

  4. Reply

    What do i do when i didn't get scouted in college? Do i quit chasing the dream

  5. Reply

    Great video! Gym?

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    I just started watching you about 2 months ago and you have taught me so much. I wanted to thank you, you're videos have taught me how to be a better player for my team and myself. Thank you!

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    dear tina, since you are a d1 athlete how do you balance out school, social life as will as the ambition to go pro ?

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    thanks for answering my question and whenever youre willing to go more into detail ill be waiting to hear it!

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    Like watching your videos…From Tucson AZ….keep it up bud!

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    Paused the vid at 4:09 and shouted Arsenal at the top of my lungs. #GUNNERS4LIFE

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    Stina: What's a weekly schedule like for a college player? How many hours do you train? How many games per season?

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    Coach Javi, Bring your skills to Dover Delaware !!!!!!

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    Does Steena have a boyfriend? …..priority question ha jk who's your favorite soccer player?

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    Great video man!

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    How much have you learned from coach Javi and has he improve your game? Hope you guys answer my questions

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    Honestly you've helped me get better with the drills you show and the advice you give

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