Playin Soccer: Who Wins in this Shooting Challenge?

Awesome Tip: Who Wins in this Shooting Challenge?

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  1. Reply

    Still got it.

  2. Reply

    When will we see dcfc vs pumas again ?

  3. Reply

    Coach Javi m8 that finishing was MAGISTERIAL

  4. Reply

    Great video!

  5. Reply

    "Its not you…its me" I love it man!

  6. Reply

    Question: Who wiped George's tears after the competition?

  7. Reply

    Go easy on them next time hahah

  8. Reply

    can't wait for the next few videos and to see who wins the next two challenges…

  9. Reply

    What boots do you wear

  10. Reply

    The balls sounds heavy, What version of Select were you guys using?

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    I actually met coach Javi in person at a Gardner Webb camp and he really is a fantastic coach! Such a genuine guy who is great to play for! Keep up the good work coach!

  13. Reply

    5:32 Whats wrong with being a center-back ?

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