Playin Soccer: When you meet your hero… #LeoMessi

Awesome Tip: When you meet your hero… #LeoMessi

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  1. Reply

    # Leo messi is the best #

  2. Reply

    is leo ambidexterous?

  3. Reply

    Messi is the beeeeeeest

  4. Reply

    0:41 sprr

  5. Reply

    Love from guwahati

  6. Reply

    My also

  7. Reply

    They're so lucky….

  8. Reply

    Messi will be the legend keep up the good work king messi

  9. Reply

    Messi you are only hero

    • Ka os
    • February 21, 2021

    There’s that bitch asking for his autograph and calling him a pecho frío afterwards. Bitch deserves to get punch right in the ugly face!

  10. Reply

    0:44 la señora con celular celeste fue la que le dijo pecho frio a messi 77

  11. Reply

    Orgulloso de ser argentino… Gracias lio

  12. Reply

    Hay alguna duda de que es el mejor en todos los aspectos……

  13. Reply

    Love you messi

  14. Reply

    I love I like Leo Messi so much

  15. Reply

    I'm getting jealous
    I want to meet messi the great

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