Playin Soccer: When Should You Retire From Football?

Awesome Tip: When Should You Retire From Football?

Thumbnail photo by Jon DeBoer

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  1. I love you coach Javi❤️

  2. great video but man said Arsenal as a dream club hahahaha oh dear

  3. Not even gonna watch this vid i dont want to think about retiring ;D

    • RG10
    • February 15, 2021

    Honestly can’t see myself retiring or continuing to develop as a player I want to get to a level where I will keep progressing as a player. In the last 2 years I’ve become such a good and better player and I can’t wait to see how much better I can get. I was a late bloomer and I’m just fighting hard to get even better.

  4. Hey Coach Javi I’m in a very odd situation and I guess I wanted to hear your opinion on my situation. I’m a college soccer player who plays for north park a very strong d3 side. I transferred there my sophomore year from another d3 team that I played at but it wasn’t as good and I didn’t like the coaching staff. I made the decision that I wanted to play pro after college and started training multiple hours every day, watching game film every day, and doing yoga as recovery. My sophomore year my coach thought I was good but not quite strong enough to play in the team and since we have a reserve team he put me in the reserves. I started in the reserves every single game, scored multiple goals and got call ups to train with the first team and I did well in those training call ups. Then covid hit and we had to go back home. When we moved back last fall we only practiced 2 weeks the whole semester and he still kept me on the reserve team since he hadn’t seen me play in over a year and a half. This spring semester we are not going to have a season but the coach is trying to promise is that we will practice every week despite covid. I am not really happy with my school or the coaching staff and want to leave and so I applied to a big public school that is cheaper for my family and gives me a better education. But they do not have a men soccer team at the school they only have a club soccer team and all though it is supposedly a very strong club soccer team that competed in their leagues nationals every year I doubt they are the same level as our first team. I am not planning on quitting soccer, I still have goals to go pro and I have improved a massive amount and think even tho I might be stepping down from ncaa I would be getting significantly more game minutes at a team that although is not better than the first team is definitely better than the reserves team. But apart of me thinks I could stay and still work my way into the first team for my senior year and have at least one good season. Tomorrow by 5 is when I have to make the decision of whether I am transferring or not, so I have less than a day to decide. I would appreciate it if you could give in your two cents.

  5. At 8:15 it is really inspiring what you are saying and I appreciate your honesty. You are the best.

  6. I gave up on going pro irl now I’m trying to go pro in fifa fut

  7. Is their a kind of boots/ cleats we can wear to enhance our play?

  8. These life lessons extend beyond the beautiful game these are lessons everyone should keep in the back of their minds as they walk through life. Thank you coach Javi.

  9. I am from Bulgaria like George.

  10. For an amateur when injuries start to pile up it's time to retire and you can longer recover from them in a week. If the injuries start to take months to recover from then it's time to start thinking about leaving the game and maybe becoming a coach.

  11. Love your videos

  12. 69 viewer let’s go

  13. You should retire when king kazu does

    • Tec
    • February 15, 2021

    I known some playing in their 50s still bailling

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