Playin Soccer: When Eden Hazard Made The World Admire Him

Awesome Tip: When Eden Hazard Made The World Admire Him

[When Eden Hazard Made The World Admire Him]
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  1. Reply

    I have never seen a player so dominant in a World Cup since Zidane 2006!

    Song list:
    1. Matisyahu – Live Like A Warrior (Richello Remix)
    2. Jon Bellion – Woke The Fuck Up (Afterfab X Airmow Remix)

  2. Reply

    You can't find Hazard at Madrid now

  3. Reply

    I hope he can rebirth from his collapse

  4. Reply

    The right-footed version of Messi

  5. Reply

    2:10, yeah…no fault nor card !
    Like France didn't buy their Cup at all…

  6. Reply

    omg he was so incredible my favorite player of all the time

  7. Reply

    Let's wait until the international duties..If he perform well, then Zidane's tactics are not suitable for him..

  8. Reply

    Look at him here and then now at Madrid 🙁

  9. Reply

    Te nesesitamos Eden Hazard el Real Madrid nesesita este crack ya.

  10. Reply

    He pretty good but barely gets by

  11. Reply

    Should've stayed at Chelsea. I miss watching him swift his way through opponent's defence. Ffs!

  12. Reply

    I miss Hazard in Chelsea.

  13. Reply

    0:51 marcelona is no where near him

  14. Reply

    I haven't loved a player so much since Didier Drogba. Hazard is an icon and i hope the future generation doesn't forget how incredible he was!

  15. Reply

    The shallow alley microscopically grip because coal immuhistochemically surprise up a abrupt chord. dapper, glamorous editorial

  16. Reply

    He was simply unplayable

  17. Reply

    Sad to see him at RM..not really perform comparing when playing for CFC..

  18. Reply

    he is perfect simple for rising milan.. he will be king in serie A italia

  19. Reply

    Hazard over Ronaldo all day

  20. Reply

    Hazard is very good

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