Playin Soccer: When 18 Year Old Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World

Awesome Tip: When 18 Year Old Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World

[When 18 Year Old Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World]

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  1. Reply

    Look at him now.

  2. Reply

    1. Turn on any football montage video
    2. Turn off music instantly

  3. Reply

    Please song name at 04:00?

  4. Reply

    no question, its a fact that dortmund was far far more shocked then anybody was because of mbappe.
    dont forget the bomb 2 days before 😉

  5. Reply

    Those that say @vinicius finishing is not good yet cause he's 18 years old, they should watch this video.

  6. Reply

    I this time Dortmund was not ryly Dortmund after this bomb attack on the bus.

  7. Reply

    this was when he was 18 years old now he is usless he can't even dribble oen defender and the fact he is overated by the media in other words he is a flop

  8. ~Psg ☆sunshine Mbappe,I knew he was too good for AsMonaco-Now Mbappe is a world champion lol.

  9. Reply

    Next sadio mane and frenkie de jong please

  10. Reply

    How has BvB still continued with Burki is beyond me

  11. Reply

    OUAIIIIS la france c'est les meilleur poupoupou kiliyan mbappe le sang FRANCE IS THE BEST

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Cuando de dybala?

  14. Reply

    a bit overrated, but world class player

  15. Reply

    And now Neymar is ruining him… I hope Mbappé or Neymar will leave Psg quickly

  16. Reply

    Even if I'm french I don't understand the hype around him. He's a good player but he's not special ; he loses the ball very often, plays alone and his "skills" aren't helpful. So…why ?

  17. Reply

    And yet people say that he can't be the main man in a team, that he only shines on Neymars shoulder's

  18. Reply

    He was better at 18

  19. Reply
  20. Reply

    sus goles son puras definiciones dentro del area le faltan goles mas espectaculares

  21. Reply


    Like so he can they it

  22. Reply

    Wooo..nice vid bro pliz make for Kingsley coman

  23. Reply

    Man he was so entertaining:////

  24. Reply

    Worst intro I've ever seen.

  25. Reply

    After the Dortmund match i started to follow him after the match vs England i know he will become a big player give him 2 more years and you will See the Future best striker of this Generation

  26. Reply

    He is a terrific player! Great vid

  27. Reply

    Neymar skills 2012 Santos. Music: Seasons Rival x Cadmium

  28. Reply

    Neymar br

  29. Reply

    You are the best SCORE 90

  30. Reply

    Great video as always, hopefully he gets a chance to play in a better league in the future 😀

  31. Reply

    "Shocked the world"? Bit of an exaggration. Good player, though. He's very advanced for his age with incredible ball control. I can see the hype when shit like Aubameyang get over-hyped beyond belief.

    Great video.

  32. Reply


  33. Reply

    Another player ruined by PSG

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