Playin Soccer: What's The Most Important Quality A Soccer Player Can Have?

Awesome Tip: What's The Most Important Quality A Soccer Player Can Have?

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    • A4HD
    • February 13, 2021

    Hey coach ! Im a stocky player 6"0 tall i work on my stamina and endurance i have some good abilities on the game do you thunk you can be sort of fat or stocky but still be eligible to play pro soccer ?

  1. Reply

    7:56 is when the question is answered

  2. Reply

    javi javi so much fun not only learning but having fun many thanks wfk.

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    New to the channel but I'm wondering if you're an actual coach of anything? But good player and videos

  4. Reply

    You should do a video on how long it took you to take all your courses and advice on how and when to the courses. Also the different level of courses.

  5. Reply

    Coach Javi can you please make a video on how to get faster and get more stamina

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    Hey, Javi, me again. I was thinking about the video that you made about what will be better for a player to be able to get recruited, as you said, it will depend in the opportunities that the player have really and how good she/he is. I have a U16 (We play U17 though) girls team, we have been going to some tournaments to get the experience of it. Now, some of the big clubs (Orlando City and Florida Kraze Krush) goes to big tournaments out-state, do you think that have a influence in how the players get recruited?

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    Most important one to me is intensity. So many players are not able to train and play with a high intensity. In my experience players who are able to play and train in a high intensity are the ones who improve the most and are the most effective in a game.

  8. one thing I lack so much is decision making, my brain is slow

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    Nice videos coach Javi!

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    So happy I came across your channel bro. quality content! Did you play pro? ⚽️️

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    I've commented before and thanked you before, but, it's been a while! I really appreciate the work you put in! You touch more lives than you know due to what I learn and apply from your hard work! I appreciate it and so do all of my players that I train!

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    thanks Coach Javi for making these videos.It helped a lot.

  13. Reply

    where can i find you???

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    Love the videos so much quality information made fun which is a hard balance to do keep it up!

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    Hey Coach…..can u let me know how can i improve decision making in individual trqining sessions as i dont play a lot of games

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    Hey coach Javi how do you get in good shape or soccer shape

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    awesome channel coach javi

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