Playin Soccer: What's In My Backpack To Film Training Videos? (Caravan Fabrics Giveaway)

Awesome Tip: What's In My Backpack To Film Training Videos? (Caravan Fabrics Giveaway)

To enter the giveaway, simply write a comment below and make sure you go and like @caravanfabrics on instagram! We will draw a random winner on the 16th of December! Best of luck!

If you want to buy some Caravan Fabrics merch, use CoachJavi20 for 20% off!

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  1. Reply

    Those shirts are sooo nice

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  3. Reply

    Those shirts don’t look that bad.

  4. Reply

    The red one is dope!

  5. Reply

    Keep up the good work coach Javi

  6. Reply

    That 3/4th shirt

  7. Reply

    Hook it up with the 3 quarter Sleeve shirt! Lol

  8. Reply

    Keep it up Javi you are an inspiration person to me and to all cheers, mate!

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    Fun vid to watch. Chris from Caravan Fabrics was cracking me up. The sand 3/4 is nice. Appreciate the “extraness” you put into every video. Don’t think it goes unnoticed. Chanfle should take notes from Chris on Christmas lights…

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    Keep doing great things!!!

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    Wouldn’t mind that sand shirt. Decent

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    Winning that shirt would be awesome. Insta: achaillet42

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    The sand tee looks so tough, the cinematic was alright, but it would look better if you recorded soccer matches with it, and wow that's a lot of filming equipment.

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    I think im gonna order a sweatshirt from caravan in like 2 weeks if i can

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    Nice Caravan Fabric shirts. Also, I enjoy the effort you put into your videos.

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    Dope shirts!!

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    Hey Javi, can you do defense training and a defensive scheme and positioning type of video?

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    Nice caravan fabric shirts

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    Caravan T-shirt + Me + Football = ♥

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    Caravan fabrics giveaway!!!!

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    I want one caravan shirt

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    I wanna win one of the caravanfabrics T-shirt’s!

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    Giveaway. Love your vids and help me out in the field. Ps I saw you in the summer playing at Waukegan sports park, I’m from there

  27. Reply

    Entering the giveaway, I followed Cris Insta, I am a huge fan been here since 3K

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    In for the giveaway

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    Entered the giveaway. Nice video!

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    I am in the giveaway

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    Yo! Send the caravan fabrics goodies north to Wisconsin.

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