Playin Soccer: What Should You Focus On When Doing Individual Training?

Awesome Tip: What Should You Focus On When Doing Individual Training?

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    Yo! Hope you’re liking the recent videos. I’m gonna try to keep taking you along for the journey. In the meantime, please go ahead and subscribe to my new podcast. I think you guys are gonna like it! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZVrfy5ILW7ApKjrFsmDqA

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    why is the penalty spot not a spot?

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    When will we see dcfc play the pumas again ?

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    One of these days I’m coming to train with you guys!!!!!!

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    Hey coach javi, I was wondering if you could make a video on what kind of workouts a soccer athlete should be doing in the gym? btw love your videos !

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    Individual training is my real name

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    Rate the sooooo much
    Keep it up

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    I really like the music in your videos <3

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    Unrelated to video but will coach Javi upload podcasts to Spotify or any other service?

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    I hope you get to play in the usl eventually.

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    Coach please tell me if you want to be a pro player in Europe do you have to have a highlight video, because i know a lot of people becoming pro in an other way, being scouted, academy, free trails, thank you

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    I also hear such sounds in training

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    Amazing workout; Love from the U.S Maryland

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    Hey coach, love the vids! Do u check ur Instagram dms?

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    Good training and advice for players. By the way spotted them new Mbappe boots.

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    Hey javi, u finally got new boots and they r fresh

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    Maybe you need some Ronaldo boots.

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    Hey Javi crossbar challenge me lol

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    Nice Video!

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    wow i loveeeee how you missing from 5 yards did not make the cut in this video…..

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    nice vid

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