Playin Soccer: What Sets Professional Footballers Apart From Amateurs? Advice From A Pro Player!

Awesome Tip: What Sets Professional Footballers Apart From Amateurs? Advice From A Pro Player!

The SuperLiga will be Livestreamed tomorrow! Make sure to tune in at 7:50 pm ET!

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    Hey Everyone, make sure to tune in to the SuperLiga final, which will be live on my Youtube channel January 4th, at 7:50pm ET!
    Cheer on Coach Javi Academy as we play against Catenaccio for the Championship!

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    Good video brother ♥

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    That Pepin mercy is nice!!

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    Ayy which team does Alex play for? I’m Macedonian !

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    Coach Javi when are you going to do a video on your soccer dairy I seen it awhile back I want to see how you write down the drill and if you keep notes

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    Oh…and the Detroit Mercy boys are gonna mop the floor with CJA in the Super Liga final tomorrow

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    Macedonia is Greek

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    Does anyone get this feeling where you play soo well in training but when it comes to a game you pretty much suck. This happens to me a lot and can anyone help me..

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    15:12 You're team has some defenders! Chomakov is a great defensive player. I also think the game will be lower scoring than the prediction, finals can be tense.

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    Chciekn fingers and chicken tenders are the same, but chicken nuggets are smaller.

    • S W
    • March 2, 2021

    Yo coach Javi, I'm a big fan of u and I need some help on something. What workouts would u recommend to improve power/speed in my passing and can I still play college soccer without playing high school soccer?

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    i have a question about the stream on friday will it have commentators for the epic final between Coach Javi academy vs The other team fc lol

    • lulu
    • March 2, 2021

    damn javi go to sleep my guy

    • Ace
    • March 2, 2021

    What team your guy is playing in Macedonia ?

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