Playin Soccer: What Is The Best Route To Play D1 College Soccer In The United States?

Awesome Tip: What Is The Best Route To Play D1 College Soccer In The United States?

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    Just a few things I forgot to mention! 1. Most DA academies or mls academies are free if you make it. While it can be very difficult to make the team, most will cover your fees. 2. The JUCO route is also a great option, especially if your grades are low. You can use those two years to get your grades up before you transfer, but you will only get two years of playing at the D1 level. Players transfer from JUCO often, so that could also be a possibility!

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    Coach Javi what changes since a lot of da clubs went into ecnl because of the new mls next system

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    What if you don’t want to play in college and just play club and hopefully get scouted

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    What’s the oldest you can be to play in soccer clubs or academy’s?

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    I got recruited to play d1 soccer from mainly high school highlights, although i did play club at a pretty high level and d1 coaches may have heard of my name from club.

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    Im from Poland and 16 years old, i've been playing football in my local club for around 6 years now and i started taking it really seriously a year ago, im still going to out work my ass and everyone else to get a chance of playing in the usa after i finish my high school there. It will take me around 2 years and i'll be 18 and a half by that time. Also i've been watching countless videos now and i think that the level there is pretty low, but i'd love to live and study there one day, so hopefully my dreams will come true. i believe in myself and everyone else trying, good luck!

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    yo can you still play club if ur 18 and up i’m 17 and play for high school but i want to continue playing and get more serious after but idk.

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    Can u join from another country

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    hey coach javi , I’m from Scotland in the Uk and was just wondering if you would ever talk about , different ways that people from different countries could get scouted and possibly play college soccer if we didn’t come through high-school or club or club soccer , thanks!

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    Could you make a video talking about how to choose a college to go to or a soccer team to play on

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    He is right reaching out to colleges helps a lot I’ve reached out to at least 6 NCAA I colleges and I’ve gotten 3 camp invites from the those colleges

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    Dammit I had a chance to play DA but I turned it down because I was bored of soccer at the time

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    Can you talk about the possibility of coming from Europe to study and play in the us?

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    In the UK You can play for a club, and high school

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    Question. What if you play soccer in a private school that is known for being very athletic is that an advantage?

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    there is no more DA now. So many clubs got got cut so now its just the MLS Acadamy's and a few selected clubs. Acadamy is the best league now.

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    Is the Illinois state premiership a good division?

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    Who’s watching after DA got shutdown.

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    Javi i played for an academy team in queens new york for 10 years but i never took any recorded footage of me playing so how can i get a coach to look at me or notice me

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    Would you say that you are on a good track to go play college soccer if you make varsity as a freshman on a class A school

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    How to be recruited for women’s soccer of college being a foreign

    • A G3
    • January 31, 2021

    Is playing at the semi pro level such as the UPSL or NPSL as a 16 or 17 year old a good way to get into a college coach’s radar?

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    Hi javi can you do a video for international soccer players on getting opportunities in D1 schools

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    You said everything good and clear
    Speaking facts

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    Can an international student play ncaa soccer?

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    And now… no more DA.

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    Prep Schools

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    Damnn no more DA is that true???

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    this has changed due to what DA did. High school Competition is going to be different now.
    Make a video on that!!!

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    How can I join these club teams you mentioned and how can I find them?

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    I got invented to train with the NC FC ecnl, so I might join an ecnl team but also I’m going to highschool next year and playing there too soo ig that’s rlly great playing both club and school

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    Thank you for your videos I'm a stepfather trying to sort this all out for my oldest stepdaughter I will be reading the comments and watching your videos a little background info she is 15 4.0 student small high school varsity player a goalie .

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    What about defenders? What metrics do coaches look for in defensive players?

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    can you still play d1 or d2 if you don’t play club i’m a freshy in hs on jv and the varsity coach’s said there keeping an eye out for me

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    I live in Peoria, Illinois and go to Peoria Notre Dame High School and luckily we are a top #20 team in the nation year in and year out. This past season we rose to as high as #1 in the country! I was the backup keeper, but most likely will be the starting keeper next year! Thanks for the great advice tho!

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    I play Division 1 football “soccer” in the UK, I have played and won tournaments in Barcelona. any clue on the best way to get in with this circumstance

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    Thanks for making the video.I have a question.Ive been scouted by Chelsea and some other clubs in England but now I don’t live there anymore and live in Asia.is it possible for me to get into college for soccer in USA?

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    So is he saying if you don’t play club soccer you can’t get a scholarship?

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    I’m a 14u and currently in talks with Argentinos jrs is it better to go there or stay in the USA

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    I’m lost and I have talent I’m 16 years old and I don’t know where to start any advise

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