Playin Soccer: What Happens When You Try To Trick Coach Javi? GIVEAWAY TIME!

Awesome Tip: What Happens When You Try To Trick Coach Javi? GIVEAWAY TIME!

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  2. What is your role at DCFC?

  3. that abrupt ending lol

  4. Opaa

  5. Sweet video like always! Saludos.

  6. Those jerseys are sick!!!

  7. Tengo unas dudas te e mandado mensajes en Instagram

  8. Get that coach’s office squared away, mate! Will definitely checkout Kevin’s channel. I’ve been training my daughter with your individual training sessions. She is improving every time now. Thank you! Oh, I thought PB&Js were supposed to be great pregame food… Keep sending em!

  9. I've been drafting up some brain teasers for you all week. I have a really good one. I hope you're ready! no chance you're getting the next one right mate!

  10. Wow all the hate for that transition lol

  11. DOIN IT

  12. 2nd

  13. Yuhhhhh

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