Playin Soccer: What Happens When A Former Division 1 College Coach Plays Sunday League…

Awesome Tip: What Happens When A Former Division 1 College Coach Plays Sunday League…

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    Taking risks vs keeping it simple. What do you guys think?

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    People don’t watch games with on an analytical level – they watch YouTube highlights and use that as their foundation smh

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    I also agree with your video. When I play 5 a side, everyone wants to be Ronaldo. But when I watch prem football: they always pass in triangles. Keeping the ball. Pass the ball into the net. Genius.

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    You are really good. Amazing in fact. I wonder what Messi could do. (No disregard to you just wonder what the worlds best player would look like)

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    Amazing video. Great player!. But yeah, keeping Possession-making the right pass , not going for glory, that’s what wins.
    There is no i in team, but there are 5 in individual brilliance. That flick lol

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    What are some tips, for me as a parent, that see's talent in his 8 y/o to do for the future.

    • CM P
    • February 21, 2021

    “Entire Division 1 team plays in the wrong division and wins every game 20-1” – good job man.

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    let me reply to the title… nothing happened.

    • 3than
    • February 21, 2021

    was that guy wearing an arsenal jersey

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    crazy how poor the standard is in different countries

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    Wack soccer.. no skills .

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    Now wonder US football is so bad

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    Rather than our Sunday League, this is more like our 5-a-side office games, only we're not allowed in the area (at least that's how we played it). As for unfit players, we had a guy who regularly smoked a fag while playing, said he couldn't breathe otherwise. But in most offices in the UK there are one or two players that are at least non-league class.

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    tbh u play against ppl without any skill or knowledge and think you are good…. try this against some pro teams from europe 😀 i guess i had a lot to laugh about.

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    That’s not even kid level. That’s 5 guys who really don’t know how to play football

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    Probably under 15s Sunday league standard in the UK

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    The moment when you see the word Soccer its not gonna be good

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    1 brasileiro nessa pelada ia ser rei

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    very average. good job.

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    I get what you're saying but I think I have to disagree with you. When you get to the highest professional levels, just about every one is capable of keeping possession by making sideways/backwards passes (I saw this playing against 2nd and 3rd division players in Spain). Yes, keeping the ball is important but it's not seen as a standout quality cause everyone can do it. In order to get signed you need to make calculated risks that pay off more often than they fail. I believe the advice to play simple is detrimental to a young players development. You need to consistently take those risks cause every time they fail you learn and improve. That doesn't mean that every ball has to be played forward or take every player on but if the opportunity is there, then take it. In those two examples you chose, you played sideways passes (except that one pass to the forward) and did very little to move the ball forward or advance the attack. Don't take this the wrong way cause you're obviously technically speaking a good player (albeit past his prime) with a good understanding of the game but your teammates were making movements that opened up space for you yet you decided to pass responsibility to other players who then proceeded to exploit space. Now you can argue that you were a defender so it wasn't your role and that's a valid point in this case. And there were clips of you spraying excellent forward balls in other clips so trust me when I say I get it. Playing simple doesn't mean playing scared. A lot of great players will never achieve their goals cause they play "simple". My advice is to have fun as much as possible when playing and take calculated risks when they present themselves. If it works out, that's what separates the good from the great.

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    This explains explains why the US will never the World Cup. Too many issues to list here.

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    What was the final score

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    Seen 7 year olds with better standard

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    Come England Sunday league n do that u will get 2 footed

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    Shitty level..USA isn't made to play football

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    Another person named Javi

    Im a Filipino Javi
    And my dad was also a varsity in soccer from highschool to college

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    To be honest, they arent that good

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    Curious on why you have to be eating during the video, did you just not have enough time

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    i swear i can panna evryone one of you

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    I expected the guy in the thumbnail to break both his legs in a horrendous tackle or something.

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    Here since 5k

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    Try that in England and your legs get kicked in

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    song name?

    • ssj
    • February 21, 2021

    K so?

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    Would be interested to watch you play low level football in England …

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    wtf am i watching 2 minutes in

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    If you guys wanna get better I can help! Brazilian, lived most my life in Portugal. Just give me job and I'll be over there! XD

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    Lol coach Javi wouldn't survive the indoor league in South Africa. Akanyela!!!!à

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    Lol coach Javi wouldn't survive the indoor league in South Africa. Akanyela!!!!

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    Amature football is too many fouls

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    The way you guys played was like "frickin Barcelona El Classico"

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    what was so impressive about this video?

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    The 6+minutes was entertaining and fun to watch, but the sit down at the end … that was the best part.  Great advice and breakdown of how to play better.  Play smarter and keep things simple.

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