Playin Soccer: What Happens After Playing College Soccer?

Awesome Tip: What Happens After Playing College Soccer?

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  1. Reply

    Thought this was a good question to talk about for today’s video. Go ahead and write down your questions for future videos!

  2. Reply

    Great stuff!

  3. Reply

    I just recently stopped playing at the Division 2 Level , now I’m coaching my cousin and little brother to try to get them to play college as well D1 Level !!!!

  4. Reply

    How do u find agents after college, when many of them are really pricy and they may be bad ?

  5. Reply

    Hey, Coach Javi can you please make a full partner training session ?

  6. Reply

    I am 17 years football player I want to play in a university club how I could do this I'm a very talented player I live in Algeria please help me …i want to be professional in the MLS

  7. Reply

    During this tough time, I want anyone who reads this to stop and think of one thing you are grateful for! Do yourself some good!! ❤️❤️

  8. Reply

    Very helpful coach javi, I really appreciate this video

  9. Reply

    Thanks for sharing this very informative video I’m in highschool sophmore and I missed a whole year of soccer because of COVID

  10. Reply

    As a coach, what happens after earning your masters as a graduate assistant? How do you make a living off of coaching from there?


  11. Reply

    What are the ideal prices for 1 day or 5 day trials?

  12. Reply

    Who is the best player you have played against or coached?

  13. Reply

    how to become a soccer scout for a college/pro team ?? do you know coach javi?

    • Dave
    • February 1, 2021

    individual training session with no equipment but cones and wall (video idea)

  14. Reply

    What about if you are an international student playing D1 soccer in America. Can you still get drafted to the MLS?

  15. Reply

    Can you get scouted in the upsl or can colleges see you

  16. Reply

    Anything about futsal?

  17. Reply

    Have u got a full individual twcnucal routine to take my game to the next level. I have a decent sized backgarden I can perform the task in and all individual pls

  18. Reply

    The fact that people needs to pay to participate in a tryout is crazy. In Brazil, agents/agencies selects the players that they think have some potential, and invest in their carrear by giving some money to cover expenses and even paying flights to go back home when is summer or winter break.
    US have a lot of potential to develop great talents, but they are doing this wrong.

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