Playin Soccer: What Does a Professional Footballer Eat?

Awesome Tip: What Does a Professional Footballer Eat?

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  1. If coach Javi sad 9:30.He still 12 minutes late.

  2. Hey coach javi can you make a goalkeeper training video

  3. Good video Coach Javi,
    Do any of you know players that have gone either to play for a college or becoming a Professional by not playing academy through their early years.
    Thanks and take care.

  4. Question – Is going abroad for a football trial a good idea.

  5. Ay George, get there on time!

  6. @coach javi. Love your videos bro. What camera do you use to record?

  7. Whats the passion of most semi pro players like for thier teams in games? And Whats the general difference of passion of high school players in games vs semi pro players passion for their teams.

  8. Question: Any individual midfield or shooting drills? Also, is ice baths better after training or warm baths?

  9. I gave you your 200 like. You’re welcome

  10. What are the things d1 coaches are looking for in goalkeepers ?

  11. When you are trying to get scouted what are coaches looking for and what do you do to get scouted, Btw I bought merch.

  12. Guys, before you absolutely destroy me in the comment section…they are lying, I did not show up late. I have proof of the text messages, they just wanted to make me look bad

  13. What to do i have 16 years old to become a lot tehnical player and how much should be long one session

  14. "The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the DICTIONARY!"

    The only way you can accomplish anything is to have a strong mindset! Lets all smash our goals!!

  15. Hi coach, my question is : what advice would you give to young high school players that would like to become d1 college Players?

  16. Futsal

    • Dave
    • February 2, 2021

    can u do more individual sessions please.

  17. Come on George

  18. First one to like and comment!

  19. First coach:v

  20. Another episode let’s go! Ask all the questions you beautiful people have down below!

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