Playin Soccer: What Do We Look For In Players?

Awesome Tip: What Do We Look For In Players?

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    Hope you guys like today's video! IF YOU ARE READING THIS GIVE IT A LIKE! HUGE NEWS COMING SOON! Comment down below what you think that is and let's see if someone can get it right!

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    How helpful is recruiting programs such as ncsa, captain u, huddle?

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    Great video Coach, love ur channel. Great Job

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    Coach Gashamy looks like a professional player, just can't put my finger on who? Boufal maybe?

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    What happened to all the videos

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    Saludos hermano me encanta tu canal y los relajos que te echas con tus jugadores .. échale ganas and love your videos ..

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    Maybe a rundown of each coaches "go-to" drills/ concepts? That'll be cool to see

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    You run out of time alot of times

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    Coach Javi, you forgot mentioning the player's nationality:
    The players need to be Norwegians. 🙂

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    What do you guys look when it comes to recruiting GoalKeepers

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    Javi love the stand still in the beginning of the net as the clouds moved above it. Notice your video quality keeps getting better and better!!

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    They look for me when they look for talent lol

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    Hey Javi I'm Bryan beltran, I play for PIMA community college. And as you man know junior college only allows 2 years of playing and than your forced to transfer to a 4 year university I've been watching your past videos and I've been wanting to contact you about the program. do you have an email or another assistants email that handles player recruitment? Thankyou.

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    Great video thank you so much please watch my highlights I am number 24https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfb2lowN2_dFldbuMJUhOyjBWFUJfQaAM

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    Coach Javi!!! Please watch and give me your opinion!!! Thanks!!! https://youtu.be/EuPT1Z_OHy0

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    Boiling Springs South Carolina is where it's at! Come to our high school games

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    Coach javi can you show me your player name and formation..
    in next video

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    Do D1 coaches only look if a player is Big,Strong and fast? It's a conception that many people say that D1 coaches don't really look for technical ability and they mostly look for track runners and bodybuilders.

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    You should record more of the games, more highlights

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    Which gopro do you use?

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