Playin Soccer: What Are The Chances of Becoming a Professional Footballer?

Awesome Tip: What Are The Chances of Becoming a Professional Footballer?

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Articles used for statistics:

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    Disclaimer: These stats are my own rough calculations. Numbers change every year and because the football landscape in the states is so complicated, it’s not an easy thing to figure out. Take it as a rough estimate and idea of how difficult it is! Best of luck to everyone on the journey.

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    Hi Coach Javi,
    I just signed for an NAIA school and I can’t wait to start. I really wanna turn pro and I just wanted to ask how to build up connections that will help me turn pro? Thanks

    • J N
    • February 4, 2021

    Thank you. Very comprehensive. Maybe I misunderstood something, but this seemed very HS-centric. I think the chances are much better (although also very small) for those in travel/academies, which in many cases are not even allowed to play in their own HS teams.
    Bottom line, if you do well in school and choose a career wisely, your chances of living off soccer are much higher. But then, you'll be a boring human being typing comments in a youtube channel.

  3. Reply

    how can I get an AGENT
    dear coach

  4. Reply

    I am 17 years football player I want to play in a university club how I could do this I'm a very talented player I live in Algeria please help me …

  5. Reply

    how do I get a agent?

  6. Reply

    If you don’t have aspirations of being pro into high school you won’t go pro. Step 1 you better be involved in a MLS academy system. Typically there are pre academy stuff around 8-12 years of age. Next at U-12 academy system. So if you wait until you are 14 to go “want” to go pro you are too far behind. In fact most kids won’t play high school soccer on the pro track. The play academy soccer instead.

  7. Reply

    This is why the MLS is shit

  8. Reply

    What are the things you need to do when u go for trails

  9. Reply

    At what age do you suggest You will require an agent

  10. Reply

    hi coatch im from lebanon if you want to enter a footbal youth team what do need to do and have

  11. Reply

    I love the insight!

  12. Reply

    You should watch Spencer Moeller. He's a soccer youtuber and his story is very inspiring

  13. Reply

    Great video, very informative!

  14. Reply

    Would love to see this same type of video but for a girl/women journey to be a professional. Stats dont lie Coach Javi.

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    Thank you for spitting truth. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with fighting and grinding for your goals of being a professional (or college) footballer, people should be realistic with their expectations. I think there's one more area that professionals put in that goes relatively under-stated… they work. There's no lie to the 10,000 hour rule when it comes to pros. They put in the hours. Not just go to their 3 practices a week. They put in the hours and don't lie to themselves about it.

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    In Europa it is much easier to become pro and earn a living from it because almost every town in any country has a professional football/soccer team. Your numbers are based on stats from US only where football/soccer is not developed. There are literally thousands of pro clubs in Europa.

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    Very informative! Thank you !

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    you said you it is unlikely to play professionally as a CB if you're below 5'9, but there are several players at that height or shorter who have excelled at the highest level. If you're good enough, you'll play.

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    Can you give a video about how the best ways to become a pro if your not playing in an academy

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    I like you because you always say the truth.

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