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Awesome Tip: Welcome To The Show

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    • Liam
    • March 1, 2021

    Love this channel

  1. Hi I’m Brian and I wanted some advice for tryouts for high schools soccer because I’m in track to get faster and I want adivce how to impress the coaches thanks
    Love your video coach javi

  2. Over the winter I'll be training my son and borrowing heavily from your individual sessions. Thank you so much for all the content you've posted.

  3. Que tipo de tachones usas javi??

    • T m
    • March 1, 2021

    Pretty sick man what's the age u can start playing there it's 16 where I live

  4. Tommy has that seth rogen laugh:)

  5. Nice game once more and this one looks more competitive than the previous once…keep up the good work and bro I will like to discuss few things with u if you don't mind

  6. Coach Javi
    Please picture with the full team wearing Coach Academy jersey!!!

  7. I might have to make a trip to see how good that food ya'll serve at the bar is. Oh and nice video btw.

  8. Yes, Mate! Love it! Fun to watch you play. Keep providing quality, mate!

  9. Much love from Warren Michigan 🙂

  10. Is the girl that picks him up his gf?

  11. You need at least two cameras.

  12. You’re the best lol 🙁

  13. Hello with Ukrainian

  14. Love what your doing for the city of Detroit

  15. dude, you have to stop embarrassing these goalkeepers or they won't sign up for the league next year.

  16. Yo Javi I’m a winger in my team and I was wondering what type of drills I can do to improve my shooting and crossing

  17. Second ! Lol
    Javi you should do a camp here in Minnesota (:

  18. plz don’t like

  19. What do you guys think about Selene’s video work? Should we move the camera to the bleachers or is that a good spot?

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