Playin Soccer: Welcome To Detroit

Awesome Tip: Welcome To Detroit

Hope you guys are ready for our next adventure. Glad to be back home.

Help out the channel and get some cool Uber Soccer training equipment!

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  1. Good Luck in Detroit but I am gonna stay cheering for Grand Rapids FC

  2. Your the coach from the soccer Clinic

  3. Really glad to have here, Javi.

  4. I visited Detroit a couple years ago and watched Detroit FC. The fan atmosphere is CRAZY!!!

  5. Hey Javi in your experience, is playing pro a requirement to become a coach?

  6. Wow coach Javi!! Man it is so cool seeing you grow! Me imagino que tus papás están muy orgullosos de ti. Keep it up brother!! Felicidades!!

  7. When you making new videos boss?

  8. I just joined one of the top soccer teams in the nation and i joined recently and when I went to training they were preparing for nationals and their shit killed me. They had to run a mile under 6 mins 3 times, and I passed the first time but was like a minute late the last 2 times, I vape a lot but i decided to fully quit, I can tell that shit has an effect on my lungs and stamina, how do I regain my stamina and get my lungs back to normal cuz I want to go back and compete at a high level. Is it too late, plz I wanna get far with this.

  9. It keeps unsubbing me from you. I’ve been to a few DCFC games. Great atmosphere, maybe one day I will play for them.

  10. thank you for helping the club out man means alot, straight from Waterford, MI

  11. So pumped my friend!

  12. I go to every game! Man I wish my son get join that program! I'll see you around!

  13. Yo, Detroiter here! Been saying come home and do a camp here!

  14. Yooo I’ve been to almost every dcfc game, you should have a meet up at one of the games or somewhere in Detroit this summer.

  15. Damn congrats bro! Been watching since day 1!

  16. You should of told me Harper College I was looking for a coach

  17. Congrats Javi! Sounds like a perfect fit for you. Lots of work in front of you. Best of luck!

  18. Congrats man. I’m taking my C course next week. Looking forward to growing as a coach. Keep grinding. I see you

  19. Congratulations Coach Javi!

  20. That’s amazing good luck!!!

  21. This was an amazing video! Well done!

  22. 3:39 a wild coach javi is spotted in its natural habitat

  23. Congrats Coach Javi. Best of health and training.

    • Yaf
    • March 2, 2021

    Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

    Congrats Coach Javi.

    the minute you said low cost for the youths you got me. That's exactly what we need more of in the US. That's exactly what my academy is about. great Job mate!!!!

    always good to be at the start of something fresh

    looking forward to the new chapter!!!

  24. What league do they play in AYSO?

  25. Can we have a detroit meet up?

  26. It’s nice to see Detroit trying to develop such programs for kids who can’t afford top clubs and costly training. It would be nice if the Chicago area would do the same. I run a program like that in my hometown in Kenosha right above Waukegan and Zion and it is very good for the kids. I’m no pro coach but i coach Varsity high school boys and girls in my community and my goal is to get these kids prepared for that. Hope to one day coach at a higher leve since i’m as passionate as it gets and played for College myself. Good stuf Javi! Good to see someone local and hispanic doing good for our communities.

  27. Heck yeah! Congrats!!!

  28. That’s where I do my individual training sessions

  29. Is he playing for the team?

  30. They need this in VA

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