Playin Soccer: Welcome, BarçaTV+

Awesome Tip: Welcome, BarçaTV+


FC Barcelona’s new digital service will be available worldwide via the Club website and app, for all devices (PC, tablet, mobile and television using cast technology), and in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English). Users will find more than 1,000 hours of content and over 3,000 one-hundred-per-cent-Barça videos, which can be viewed on demand.

The content includes exclusive series and in-house documentaries, called ORIGINALS, and which include Ready! Antoine Griezmann’s challenges, in which the first team star puts fellow sportspeople to the test with a series of challenges, and Origins, which offers an unprecedented intimate view of players’ careers using interviews and comments from family and friends. Meanwhile, in Discover Barcelona, the players take the audience to some of their favorite parts of the city, and What’s Next?’ features different Barça legends talking about their lives after hanging up their professional boots.

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  1. Reply

    If 8 million people buy the premium Barca tv+ , then Barca would be saved from bankruptcy

  2. Reply

    This is awesome am watching this from zambia

  3. Reply

    Se pueden ver los partidos en vivo?

  4. Reply

    Me dijeron que el juego Barcelona-Girona podría verse en Barcatv+

  5. Reply

    ¿Porqué nadie responde?

  6. Reply

    Hoy, barca-girona, porqué o puedo verlo?

  7. Reply

    Pagando BarçaTV+ puedo ver todo los partidos en vivo que juegue el Barcelona?

  8. Reply

    Tengo una duda un tanto tonta pero con esta suscripción se transmitirán todos los partidos en VIVO del barca o solo las reparticiones?

  9. Reply

    !!! ¡Hiciste un desastre! Los enemigos de Albarsa !!! ¡Estás vendiendo Arthur! loco

  10. Reply

    Arthur Melo the best

  11. Reply

    Arthur must stay

  12. Reply

    What are you guys doing transferring a young world class CM (Arthur) for an aging cm past his prime pjanic . Are you guys fucking insane

  13. Reply

    Como se les ocurre vender Arthur

  14. Reply

    Hello barcelona l wish be fotball player please help me l live on baku azerbaijan

  15. Reply

    Fc barcelona i will join on your team if i grow

  16. Reply

    Happy birthday Messi 10

  17. Reply

    Hristooo Stoitchkovv , We are Bulgaria!

  18. Reply

    Happy birthday messi love u

  19. Reply

    I Love barcelona

  20. Reply

    Eres el mejor del mundo Messi

  21. Reply

    Eres el mejor

  22. Reply

    You are a supporter ❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Reply

    I love Messi ❤❤❤

  24. Reply

    Messi eres el mejor eres un fan mío ❤❤❤

  25. Reply


  26. Reply

    اكو عرب هنا

  27. Reply

    Hola barca

  28. Reply

    ya espero que ustedes ganen la champions

  29. Reply

    210k people:interesting

  30. Bartomeu Out

  31. Reply

    Aquí está el comentario en español

  32. Reply

    I love barcelona el mejor de la historia con los mejores

  33. Messi

  34. Reply

    Ronaldinho : Barca is my home⚽⚽

  35. Reply

    I love barca very much in my heart it is the best team in the world i love them forever

  36. Reply

    Si Messi se retira, el fútbol debe ser cancelado y las federaciones, equipos y equipos desmantelados.
    El fútbol se convierte en un pasatiempo sin estadios y sin competiciones.
    Es suficiente volver a ver los partidos en los que participó Messi.

  37. Reply

    If Messi retires, football must be canceled, and federations, teams and teams dismantled.
    Football becomes a hobby without stadiums and no competitions.
    It is enough just to re-watch the matches that Messi participated in.

  38. Visca el barcaaaaaaaaa

  39. Me encanta el barcelona
    Aupa barca
    Ojala vea a messi algun dia

  40. Reply


  41. Reply

    I Love messi and barcelona❤❤❤

  42. Reply

    I love barcelona

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