Playin Soccer: We Played Against Pelé and Beckenbauer’s Former Team!

Awesome Tip: We Played Against Pelé and Beckenbauer’s Former Team!

Thumbnail picture (right) by Jon DeBoer:

Game footage thanks to Detroit City FC and Baker College

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    Such a close game, but on to the next one! Do you guys like the game footage? I want to make sure I keep you updated on how the team is doing. Comment below what videos you want me to do next!

  2. Reply

    Great video

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    And George best

  4. Reply

    song name?

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    Aye bro so if I wanna send a highlight reel to colleges do I send them both Club and high school in one video or two separate videos ?

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    That haircut looks fresh!!

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    Do you get paid to play?

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    Man next time we'll have them!!!!!!

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    What is the process of starting your own training camp program? I’ve been thinking about setting up my own training camps but I have no idea where to start. I was wondering if you could make a video on that

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    Is that the league below USL?

    • JMPH
    • February 23, 2021

    Try Futsal 🙂

    • Mtz 7
    • February 23, 2021

    1st comment

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