Playin Soccer: We Got Smacked…

Awesome Tip: We Got Smacked…

So we got smacked…We will bounce back! Hope you guys are liking the vlogs lately! Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already!

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    Eating conchas hahha ,made me hungry

  2. Reply

    the day of the game, it was morning in LA and i was still in bed with my blankets up to my nose as always. Anyway the first few minutes before the early goal, I remember thinking oh shit theyre playing bad already. I kept on looking at the tv nervously and then you know what happened

  3. Reply

    Bye mate- Javi's mom jaja

  4. Reply

    coach javi !! Did you train man's training or just womens ? and where you train them ??

  5. Reply

    This might sound stupid but what's the point of motivating your self to become a professional football player when it's all corrupted

  6. Reply

    "I see you, Im gonna eat you" haha i guess I'm not the only one who talks to what I'm going to eat b4 i eat it haha. Another great video buddy. About the subs, just keep doing you and training us and you will be in the mills bro. As for the Mexico game it nerve killing haha I'm still recovering.

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    Javi alguna diferencia entre escuchar el juego en ingles o en espanol? lol Que crees de Osorio?

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    Your going to be big on YouTube just watch, you have very great content.

  9. Reply

    we should have beat germany, during the 1st half we had a few chances that were 100% goals but we didnt take those chances. and the second half moreno messed us up.

  10. Reply

    Fabians goal was one of the best goals I think I've ever seen…would've liked to have seen them win the game. Unlucky.

  11. Reply

    should've hit me up bro! I would've watched the match with you.

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