Playin Soccer: We follow De Jong and Griezmann on their Camp Nou debut against Arsenal.

Awesome Tip: We follow De Jong and Griezmann on their Camp Nou debut against Arsenal.

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  1. Reply

    De jong is handsome guy❤️

  2. Reply

    forca barca

  3. Reply

    Terrible music

  4. Reply

    De Jong = A future Ballon d’Or winner ⚽️

  5. Reply

    Me encantan y las declaraciones de De jong son increibles! en 10min ha dicho lo que llevamos diciendo muchos barcelonistas bastante tiempo y jugadores y cuerpo tecnico no a dicho, visto o se ha atrevido en años!! haganle caso por favor!!

  6. Reply

    I like Barcelona paaaa

  7. Reply

    griezmann looking like billy from stranger things lol

  8. Reply

    Griezmann needs to cut down that hair

  9. Reply

    Que mal que no se lleven bien Messi, Suarez y Griezmann :,(

  10. Reply

    Xhaka did a absolute number on Frankie De Jong he had him in his pocket before hen got hooked off

  11. Reply

    Que valverde y las vacas sagradas y viejas del club aprendan de Frenkie que es humilde, tiene los pies bien puestos en la tierra y sobre todo muy honesto en sus pensamientos, el equipo está mal estoy de acuerdo con él, el Barça juega sin atractivo da pena, mucho desorden y no hay alma!!!! Mal pésimo!

  12. Reply

    I have never recieved a like for any of my comments ever

  13. Reply

    hope DE JONG keep at the same level

  14. Reply

    Griezmann needs to cut his hair or he will become bale

  15. Reply

    They are not being subtle about which 2 signings they like better

  16. Reply

    What about neto

  17. Reply

    U can’t get the ball of de jong but u can’t try

  18. Reply

    Neto ??

  19. Reply

    please griezman cut ur hair

  20. Reply

    Who's griezman family ?

    Never see barca like before with him !

    Bad Bad Bad and so tired….

  21. Reply

    francky is the king

  22. Reply


  23. Reply

    The midfield of Arsenal didnt even try to get te ball from frenkie.. beast

  24. Reply

    I feel like griezman has a lot of pressure and plays nervously. But when he score he’s first goal he will be more comfortable

  25. Reply

    Mental game

  26. Reply

    Both played well..

  27. Reply

    Dembele is trash

  28. I expected better Griezmann’s skills in his debut games…

  29. Reply

    Es increíble por tan poco los del Barcelona se emocionan

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