Playin Soccer: We Didn't Lose (Yes We Did)

Awesome Tip: We Didn't Lose (Yes We Did)

A tough loss for the first team the other day, but we will bounce back!

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    Notification squad where are you at!? Hey guys, another day another dollar. Unfortunately lost the match, but that's what happens sometimes. Question for today is what do you guys do to bounce back from a loss? Comment below and make sure to leave a like!

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    3:28 those shin guards are so small!!

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    Aye bro what were your thoughts on there left back number 23 ? That's my cousin bro !

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    3:44 that dude looks like Bale from Real-Madrid laliga. xD

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    Great video!

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    show the full games

  7. Reply

    show more of the game

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    That grass looks heavy, looks like every player is sinking. I hate that

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    I did love the intro in expectation of great highlights…  Great vid.  I like the speech at the end.  Keep 'em coming!

    • f 3
    • February 24, 2021

    Got a scholarship thanks to coach javi's and many other youtubers like become pro's help and advice

    • jay
    • February 24, 2021

    That pressure kills that team bad. Gotta be calm somehow or else you lose the ball by making those rush passes.

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    Damn I'm back. Thank for the upload

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    Great video. Awesome editing

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    At 2:30 who is that manager on the wall, and what does the quote say?

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    Keep it up coach Javi!

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    Great video coach!

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    Sorry for the long comment i just need help right now. Javi I am wondering if you can help me. I am a senior in high school and I am looking to go to college to play soccer most likely a d3 school. I have gotten put in centre back a position I never play. I usually play some where in the midfield. I have talked about moving back to that position but he always says no your really good at centre back. I have played their for 1 1/2 games and we have had 11 scored on us. When I talked to my coach again he said what have you contributed in the attack. We had only played 2 league games and scored 4 goals. Our first game I has trouble with my asthma so I didn't play much. The next game I played cam/rw and got an assist. I then was moved to centre back in the second half and they scored 3 goals on us. My problem with me as centre back is I feel I'm not as much as an impact on the game when I'm on defense his main reason for me back there is that I can kick it out. It can't be because of size or anything as I'm 5'9" and 140lbs. Also I am trying to get game film for me so I can make a highlight film but I'm not playing my actual position. He said he recommended me to his friend who coaches a college in Ohio but idk if he thinks I will be playing college soccer as a centre back. I've asked him to try me as cm for a game but he just rejects and always tells me I'm an amazing centre back. After being rejected multiple times I have become pissed of at him. I know it's his choice but we have 4 centre backs in our team and 4 outside backs in our team not including me. We have 3 centre backs that could start but he puts me there and plays the extra centre backs somewhere else in the attack. I'm wondering what I should do I asked my club coach as I feel he is very smart and also coaches a highschool team as Well and he told me to go up in the attack and play like I'm playing my natural position. Then slowly walk back when on defense until we get the ball back. He said if I'm benched in proving a point and that I need to show I'm more effective in the attack. I was wondering what your opinions are on this. Thank you I know this was a very long comment.

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    Is coach Ali Kashami Persian?

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    You should've gave them the truth for breakfast !! Would've won easily 🙂

    • Luis
    • February 24, 2021

    Nice quote coach got confused a bit with the title but it was all cleared up.

    • um
    • February 24, 2021

    Quick question: how does a player in the squad earn captain? Or how do you guys pick on who should be captain?

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    Lol the title

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    Nice editing

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    Do u have any tips that will help in putting as much power into the ball

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    First comment! I was just watching your old videos then this video appeared in my notification.

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    videos keep getting better and better mate!! super cool!!

    • Jose
    • February 24, 2021

    Coach Javi the best

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