Playin Soccer: We Beat Atlas of LigaMX!

Awesome Tip: We Beat Atlas of LigaMX!

Cover photo by Jon DeBoer:

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  1. Reply

    Atlas fans saying they didn’t have full line up lmaoo.

    Here’s the starting XI
    12 Camilo Vargas
    200 Aldo Lopez
    4 Jorge Segura
    2 Martin Nervo
    27 Jesús Ángulo
    17 Mauricio Cuero
    16 Daniel Aguilar
    10 Osvaldo Martinez
    26 Jesús Isijara
    186 Christopher Trejo
    31 Facundo Barceló

    6 of the 11 starters were in the starting XI vs Chivas, now I’m no math wiz but that’s more than half the squad.

    Respect DCFC because they’re what every semipro/amateur team in the us should aspire to be. Bring some proper culture to the us.

    I mean i know it’s a friendly and all but nobody on the Dcfc side has even half of the experience that a player like osvaldito martinez has.

    You gotta give respect when respect is due. Y’all swear the atlas coach was telling them in the locker that it’s ok to lose since they’re playing young guys. Some of those young guys were playing their contract extension tbh.

  2. Reply

    Nice to see my homie T.Jirira#12 playing for DCFC.

  3. Reply

    You should try to bring a us team as a friendly for they can get used to it

  4. Reply

    Oswaldo nor isijara where playing fake atlas

  5. Reply

    Qué bueno que le ganaron al Atlas

  6. Reply

    Yeah but Atlas sucks tho they’re never really in liguilla

    • Saul
    • February 14, 2021

    Play Levi United . Greenville,NC!!

  7. Reply

    Please do day in life THANK YOU

  8. Reply

    I fucking hate the commentator

  9. Reply

    I’m Trying to put my life on the line and play pro

  10. Reply

    Who else saw that “fuck ice” banner?

  11. Reply

    Thats good! Mayor confidence boost for you guys!

  12. Reply

    Atlas is my favorite team

  13. Reply

    How do I join a team like this

  14. Altas it's a big club even though in this game they didn't had there starting line ups

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    i used to play football i tried so hard to be the best had a few goals but i would still come up short then i had a torres season where everything i touched turned to shit and that really affected me till this day im trying to find myself.

  17. Reply

    Play with club America

  18. Reply

    Jajajajajaja that was c team not even the b team jajajajajajaja

    • Ale O
    • February 14, 2021

    Arriba el Morelia y arriba el DCFC from STU, Michigan

  19. Reply

    Atlas beat America this time dont forget im an America fan but Atlas smoked them 3 0 not too long ago..

  20. Reply

    Try playing Tuzos de Pachuca their pretty good

  21. Reply

    We have to be honest Atlas defense has been trash and sadly the keeper has to do most of the work to keep the team up congrats, Detroit!

  22. Reply

    I play left defense
    I go up and down
    I attack and defend
    My name is Salvador Moreno
    Please call me!!!!!!!
    My dream is to make it pro

  23. Reply

    Please call me
    I will drive to the tryout

  24. Reply

    Respect man that’s awesome

  25. Reply

    Great work here even though the players aren’t the ones that play often in liga mx they r professionals great work I can see u guys being in a decent if not a good place in the liga mx table

  26. Reply

    play against club america or fc juarez

  27. Reply

    Who doesn't beat Atlas. Even México 2 division teams beat them.

  28. Reply

    Play Leon , Santos, or Tigre’s

  29. Reply

    Atlas only beat America because of all the injured players tbh.

  30. Reply

    Not first division

  31. Reply

    Hey coach, I was wondering if you can do another educational video on how to start your own training camp program. What it takes, the legal stuff, the hiring process of staff and/or people that help you organize it, how much you should charge (how will it affect taxes too), how to crate a website for people to sign up and see what you have to offer, any additional tips from your experiences, and maybe your story as to how you started yours.

  32. Reply

    A lot of these players were subs, new players, and academy or reserve players. Thats a fact but people shouldn't try to discredit Javi's team. they still defeated a pro team from the first division of another country! Good job !

  33. Reply

    I like these friendlies, it’s good chance to grow for both sides.

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