Playin Soccer: Watch This If You're Coming To The Coach Javi Camp!

Awesome Tip: Watch This If You're Coming To The Coach Javi Camp!

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  1. Reply

    Hey guys, the camp is almost here and if you're attending, I hope you are as excited as I am! Where should we have our next Coach Javi camp?!

  2. Reply

    Please read my email I just sent!!!!

  3. Reply

    Come to Taylor TX

  4. Reply

    Hey!! I am a Nick Roman sub!! Nick is 100 times bigger than he was back then.

  5. Reply

    Hey Coach Javi , can you make a video on what to expect when going in to tryout for a pro academy.

    In my case I'm actually training right now in Georgia with no team. In May, imma go back to New Jersey, play for my local academy u17 team, get as much footage as I can, send it to NYRB academy before going to the tryouts , and hopefully move on from there.

  6. Reply

    Videos keep on getting better

  7. Reply

    Coach Javi you’ll do great mate! Good luck!! Come to Denver!

  8. Reply

    Where is the camp going located?

  9. Reply

    Will you record the scrimmages games ?

  10. Reply

    Come to Los Angeles!!

  11. Reply

    Come to dallas

  12. Reply

    vegas next

  13. Reply

    I would really appreciate it if you Do a camp
    In medford Oregon. Thanks

  14. Reply

    Hipster Alert! Don't get triggered!

  15. Reply

    Come to Portland Oregon MATE ‼️

  16. Reply

    Kalamazoo michigan for your next camp

  17. Reply

    I was actually playing there like 1 month ago. I was playing FC United Academy. Coach Javi. You should make a camp in Cleveland.

  18. Reply

    North carolina

  19. Reply

    Advice for the cousins….take of that nasty America jersey lol.

  20. Reply

    come to Arizona

  21. Reply

    Please do your next camp in dallas or houston!

  22. Reply

    Coach, Nervousness is the willingness to do well. You have prepared. You are ready! EVERYONE loves you! You are a Champion, Mate! Can’t wait to see how the camp goes…

  23. Reply

    Will the camp be split between girls and guys during scrimmages?

  24. Reply

    is that sportscore 1 or 2

  25. Reply

    Good luck on the camp coming up. Javi you should do a camp in the Carolinas when you get back.

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