Playin Soccer: Want To Get Featured On My Channel?! ISAK IS BACK!

Awesome Tip: Want To Get Featured On My Channel?! ISAK IS BACK!

Hey guys, if you want to send me your skills videos, send them to [email protected] or on instagram @coachbautista

Help out the channel and get some cool Uber Soccer training equipment!

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    Hey guys! Lots of stuff in today’s video. First of all, PLEASE BACK ME UP on this Mexican candy debate. These guys are doing my head in! Secondly, Coach Brad is working on his mixtape. Should he feature Coach Javi on one his tracks! Lastly, I’m excited to see your videos. Send them in as soon as you can!

  2. Reply

    your is mexican?

  3. Reply

    Best candy ever Ariba mexico

  4. Reply

    Mexican candy is the best candy!!!

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    So many things to say YES to. Brad keep flowing mate, I don't know how you could incorporate Javi into your mix; but give it a try. Personally I'm always looking for good keeper trainings. I coach several teams u-15 – u-18 any technique, positioning, etc. especially drills keepers can do together and allow me as a coach to work on the small sided and expanded drills with the other players as well. Love learning from you all on Javi's channel thank you. Isak keep grinding mate.

  6. Reply

    I can't do the fourth :/

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    She should do the channel she seems like a very entertaining person I would love to watch her channel and I would love to see extra stuff in coach Javi‘ channel and coach Javi should make a colab with her and challenge her to a penalty shoot out

    • Kapke
    • February 23, 2021

    I’d love to watch a goalkeepers channel, play it myself!

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    I really like how you put the sets and reps on the screen… please keep doing that and keep brad on the channel

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    I would watch a goalkeeper channel

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    The last candy is yum! B Money, lookin good for 45, and should obviously include you in a mix about “THE TRUTH”! I am in desperate need of GK Training vids. I’m now coaching and warming up our HS GK and helping her mentally prepare. Would love the vids. Coach Gashamy is Awesome! Can he hit the quad? Need to see some more table tennis… Keep making great and fun vlogs!

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    Common guys that candy is amazing

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    Cmon Coach Javi, get it together lol my son and I love your Sunday gane day vlogs. Best of health

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    <3 <3 Thankyou so much Coach for putting what you do for each exercise. I am so grateful and really appreciate it! 🙂 Please keep it up

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    When Is the final day to send in the challenge?

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    Best Candy Ever!!!! … do they have peanut butter in Mexico!!??? bye bye

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    What’s the difference between the Mexican candy and Brads Mixtape?
    -Ones hot the others not.
    Jk but why you got to hate that Mexican candy tho.

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