Playin Soccer: VILLAREAL – BARÇA (4-4) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: VILLAREAL – BARÇA (4-4) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm up & Match Center

Follow the pre-game warmup with English commentary, followed by live play by play of the match. #ForçaBarça —- FC Barcelona on Social Media Subscribe …


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  1. Reply

    Please julia full name , that long hair beautiful woman

  2. Reply

    me gusta escriban al 63193366

  3. Badaiza

    • Relbl
    • February 17, 2021

    Sara >>> Julia

  4. Reply

    Por que dejaron ir a Andrés Iniesta?

  5. Reply

    Why is not show directly the game in fcb YouTube channel?

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  8. Reply

    Is messy injured? I heard that he will not play against manchester and Atletico

  9. Reply

    Put highlights on same day of match

  10. Reply

    Barcas defence is very weak

  11. Reply

    bro where was are defense
    umtiti lenglet every defender just vashied
    ter stegan was left alone
    but he did his best

  12. Reply

    So it does not continue with the defense. Something has to change.
    Too easy and too often we get goals this season. Messi & Suarez can not every time rescue.
    Forzaa Barcaa

  13. Reply

    Barca the best menang

  14. Reply

    King Leo and goal predator saved us! Buh, our team should really work more on how to defend the ball than other positions.Our defense was a sort of relaxed after a 2 win gap.Pliz stop that rock and roll style of defending,we want UEFA,Laliga, this season we want everything.

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    Uruguayo uruguayo uruguayo uruguayo……

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    This people are clueless idiots.. Typical

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    wtf is the game ?

  19. Reply

    2:32:42 I always do that when Messi is about to take a free kick. I just get up and get ready to celebrate because is just already know it’s gonna go in

  20. Reply

    Lenglet should not start terrible performance

  21. Reply

    the girls are beautiful.

  22. Reply

    Who's the girl in black and white pants? Julia? Yowza!

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    Barcelona sí siguen así de confiados pueda q los dejé fuera de la Champions el Manchester United, una media muy lentos y llenos de errores en los pases casi todos delanteros,en el medio campo y en lo defensivo muy lentos a corregir los errores para una mejora. No es bueno tanta rotación.

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    Jxt laughing saaa lol

  25. Reply

    Roman Perry from Bermuda

  26. Reply

    Pretty sure all my neighbors are pissed cause of the number of times I screamed during this lol

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