Playin Soccer: Unseen footage from MATCHDAY: Inside FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Unseen footage from MATCHDAY: Inside FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona presents the new trailer for the documentary series with four minutes of exclusive footage of Matchday, the new Barça documentary series that will be exclusively released in Europe through the VOD platform Rakuten TV on November 29th.
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    SAVE THE DATE! – Live Friday, November 29th. Free on Rakuten TV in Europe and Japan!

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    visca barca viva españa

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    Perdedores .

  4. Reply


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    Miss you Suárez

  6. Reply

    Now we miss Valverde

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    The worthless screwdriver optionally travel because accelerator systemically clap among a available propane. polite, scared beard

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    No me gustó, necesita mas Messi y menos el resto de gente, le tendrían que cambiar el nombre al club a El club en el que juega Messi

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    0:11 ong this scene looks like a movie fam god damn

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    Deberia de ser mas largo y estaria enganchado

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    Unpopular Fact: We hardly lose under Valverde
    Messi is GOAT under Valverde

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    Cabrón el suarez a meterle palillos al piqué

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    Porq no hicieron este documental con el barca de Guardiola

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    Speak english

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    What Suarez did to pique I’m sure anyone will get mad not just pique

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    1:23 pique looks like pokemon gyarados

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    Who is watching this after departure of Suarez

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    Who is seeing this now and thinking why barca cant be like this

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    Pique took the prank super calm. if it was me i would knock suarez's buck teeth out

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    Lol they're talking to the donuts as if it's a referee lmao

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    Y el enano hipócrita haciendoles creer que queria su escudo … pero es culpa de uds por ponerlo en un pedestal cuando no es nadie, es un jugador más del monton, y porfavor no sigan comparandolo con maradona, pele o distefano, esta basura esta muy muy por debajo de ellos

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    Episode 9, MESSI: I want to leave Barcelona and I don't want to pay the clause. Fuck Bartomeu and Koeman
    Episode 10, Bartomeu: No, you pay the 700 million clause or you don't go anywhere.
    Episode 11: MESSI: I love Barcelona, I never want to leave this club. Great Koeman!!!

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    When Bartomeu stepped into the club, in 2020, This is just a memory..

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    Inside Anal 2-8

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    And this is ladies and Gentlemen how our greatness has been destroyed by those gangsters

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    Can I watch the full movie?

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    pique was lucky my friends did it with a compass to me. directly penetrated my crotch.

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    You have to be a very fast reader to see the subtitles ffs

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    Messi blink twice if there holding you against ur will

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    This didn’t age well

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    Who’s here after 19/20 season?

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    whats that Suarez is sipping from in the beginning?

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