Playin Soccer: United Soccer Coaches Convention 2019!

Awesome Tip: United Soccer Coaches Convention 2019!

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    Unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t get a proper coffee shop session in! The convention was great and with all the moving around and learning, I didn’t want to lose any time. Sorry I couldn’t record more, but I hope you guys enjoyed a little sneak peak of what the convention looks like. I’ll see you guys in Baltimore next year!

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    I actually really want that kashami shirt

  3. Reply

    We want Gashamy is back shirts!

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    Chicago Magic PSG is the best team to play for in Illinois

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    Hey Javi can you make a video on how to be good enough to play for a high school team for a freshman and love your vids keep on going

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    It’s great to see all of you back together! We want a signed shirt from coach “G”

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    Gashamy is back! Couldn’t of hit that like button faster. Wasn’t able to get to the convention this year but the Maryland convention comes next year I hope to see you guys!

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    Gashamy is baaaaaack!

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    Gashamy was baaaaaack! That was great! The good ole days! I'd love to see a coffee shop session with Coach Brad and Gashamy. Keep doing great work!

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    its football not soccer

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