Playin Soccer: Unboxing The First Ever Coach Javi Academy Jerseys!

Awesome Tip: Unboxing The First Ever Coach Javi Academy Jerseys!

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Music: Vexento – Jump


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  1. Reply

    Would you like your very own Coach Javi Academy Jersey?

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    Somehow didn’t see this video. But you watch Spencer too? Do a collab video if possible

  3. Reply

    Hey Javi, is DCFC hiring for any positions, I'm in the area.

  4. Reply

    Awesome music! Great vid!! Jerseys look Schweet! Sorry to see you pull the hammy again. Take your time healing, mate!

  5. Reply

    Can’t believe you robbed the coach Javi followers of another back-heal goal, shameful.

  6. Reply

    Can you please do a Conditioning/Stamina workout.

  7. Reply

    Who else watches BecomeElite aka Matt Sheldon

  8. Reply

    Gashamy is back shirts!

  9. Reply

    Proud of you for not dabbing

  10. Reply

    Amazing video Javi (: Sorry to see you reinjured your hammie I can imagine how frustrating it is 🙁 The jerseys are sick, I really wish I was there for the Shoot! Not everything that is green is Zucchini lol!

  11. Reply

    Really do love the videos and editing long time can

    • Rexcy
    • February 19, 2021

    Yo keep up the gd work

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    I subscribed and like and I turned on my notifications

    • EJ 10
    • February 19, 2021


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