Playin Soccer: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 5 – Training With Hurdles

Awesome Tip: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 5 – Training With Hurdles

Welcome to another episode of the UberSoccer Education Series! In this session we focus on the use of hurdles. Make sure to use my affiliate link below in case you want to buy any of the equipment we used in the series. Using that link helps out the channel!

Click here to purchase Uber Soccer equipment and help the channel!

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    Hey everyone, if you want to purchase Uber Soccer equipment, please go through this link. It really helps out the channel!

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    Great training ideas. I am a big fan of these drills for a lot of different reasons

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    Nice thanks

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    Hello, I was wondering if there is any possibility I could make a tryout video or highlight video for you to see? Please reply

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    good little video

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