Playin Soccer: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 2 – Training With Speed Ladders

Awesome Tip: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 2 – Training With Speed Ladders

Welcome to another episode of the UberSoccer Education Series! In this session we focus on the use of speed ladders. Make sure to use my affiliate link below in case you want to buy any of the equipment we used in the series. Using that link helps out the channel!

Click here to purchase Uber Soccer equipment and help the channel!

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  1. Hey everyone, if you want to purchase Uber Soccer equipment, please go through this link. It really helps out the channel!

  2. love your video's!! what are the names of each drill you run in the beginning?

  3. I like this video, over the holidays I will try them with my 7 yr old son

  4. Very nice video !! I wished I had someone to train with to do the drills though

  5. I would love to have a Pitch like yours, i would sleep there, but unfortunately i have to train on bad Pitch which now have snow on it and i can't focus to do the drills at speed but on quality and reps

  6. Argh! That ladder was sold out a few months back on a site I use! You took them all… Also appreciate a link to where I can find new stock. I'll save it for when soccer season ramps up.

  7. take one ball, for two players, let their location will be 5- 10 meters from each other, let they move the ball between each other as quick as they can and they will get the same plyometric load but more natural and simmilar to real game, and more over, at the same time they will use passing, first touch, reaction, confidence with ball and everything on highest speed, already after 10 minutes You will feel difference 🙂

  8. Hey coach are you going to make defending videos

  9. Did u pay for all the equipment

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