Playin Soccer: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 1 – Training With Passing Arcs

Awesome Tip: Uber Soccer Education Series – Ep. 1 – Training With Passing Arcs

Welcome to another episode of the UberSoccer Education Series! In this session we focus on the use of passing arcs. Make sure to use my affiliate link below in case you want to buy any of the equipment we used in the series. Using that link helps out the channel!

Click here to purchase Uber Soccer equipment and help the channel!

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  1. Hey everyone, if you want to purchase Uber Soccer equipment, please go through this link. It really helps out the channel!

  2. You are very professional

  3. You should get discount codes for subscribers!

  4. Great video and I enjoy the added coaching tips. Keep them coming, Uber Soccer picked the perfect person for these informational videos.

  5. Yoo, I play at those fields!

  6. Most effective here is "one touch game" but switch on speed and forget about gates 🙂 rules is simple: every pass must be very quick, your partner must have worthy answer on your quick pass in shape of quick pass toward you, so simple and so effective 🙂 This is most difficult game in the world, if You want to be successful You must think about every tiny thing, for example: 3 cones- ok dribbling left, right- ok, but then? will you search small gates in the game? definitely not! your next step will be- quick, accurate, convinient pass to your partner, distance can be 5, 10, 30 so on, but pass must be very quick, otherwise You will see interception, 3 sec and goal into your own gates, it's reality of this game.
    Now question- can this small gates helps? when you will play you will concentrate your atention on free zones and your partners location, but not on some small gates 🙂

  7. This is great!

  8. Could you make a giveaway for this? I think these hurdles are so cool but 6 for $50? I'm broke.

  9. Ayee good shii Javi!!

  10. I'm from Ireland and I'm only 13 but your videos has helped me out so much i have always been watching them and in one video you showed a soccer trick and i went into a game and i used it and i got around 2 defenders and assisted my team-mate your by far the best soccer coach on youtube keep it up!!!

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