Playin Soccer: Training with a Subscriber! Shooting and Finishing Session on a College Goalkeeper

Awesome Tip: Training with a Subscriber! Shooting and Finishing Session on a College Goalkeeper

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    Huge shoutout to Anton for coming in and doing a great job. Of course I edited out some of the boring shots and all the times georgie missed (there were a lot). However, Anton was a baller. Should we bring him back for a future session?

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    i have a question regarding the transition from youth soccer to collage soccer (Which is my goal eventually, preferably at the D1 level) So I have learned that the DA is the highet level of youth soccer, and I’m under the impression that those who play on DA teams have a higher chance to play D1 soccer. Unfortunatly the closest DA team to me is 2 hours away. I play for a competitive club team and i think im on of the top players on my team. What is my best choice if i want to play collage soccer in the future?

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    is that the NISA stadium ?

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    No dislikes !! That's javi

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    Yes Coach, Something to watch that is football related♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    Video idea- step by step tutorial of how to do each lifting excercise (just the 6 or 7 main ones that are good for soccer players)

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    Definitely have Anton back. Fun to see you shooting against a GK and always great to see goalkeepers in action! #gkunion

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    Anton’s got some serious talent for a high schooler. Bring him back!!!

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    That’s my boy Anton I played him at Hope. What a guy wish him best of luck in college!

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    I had a blast, thank you so much for having me out!!

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    What’s the name of the stadium again ?

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    Anton with some amazing saves !!! Bring him back!

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    wow…I love it when Coach Javi cuts out all his terrible misses….

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    Hi there,
    Only thing I'd say about the keeper is when he's setting himself hes making himself as small as possible which is why he isn't getting near the bottom corner shots.

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    Anton was great! Definitely more fun (to watch) when it’s more competitive between the trio.

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    Bring him back

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    In 3 yrs the title of the video will be “Training my 3rd old RoRo.”

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    Great video but I think the first shooting drill you did is pretty much useless for Anton. You're so close to the goal that it's basically a penalty. How's he supposed to save that?

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    Can you make an individual finishing where it’s like actually individual with no partners pls

    • Nano
    • February 9, 2021

    Anton should come back

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    10th comment. Nice to see you doing something like this

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    Hi i am a freshman in high school and i made the junior varsity team i want to achive my dream to make a pro team have any tips love the videos keep up the great work

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    hey javi, great session, is it possible for you to do more individual sessions without that much equipment?

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    Lets gooooooooo Anton

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